Thursday, September 28, 2017

First kayaking experience

I had my first kayaking experience 2 weeks ago. It was with my team mates in office. Ericsson has a kayaking club which owns few kayak of its own. We just had to reserve the kayak for that day and went for a team day out.

It was quite a nice experience even though at the beginning it was a bit scary. we were in water for two hours. The weather was good and sea was not too much wavy. So it was not very difficult for a first timer :-)

Here are some pictures:

Kayaks are out from the storage

Kanwar and Satish are trying one in very dangerous environment :P

Putting on that skirt like thingy was funny :D

Jukka and me are already took our place properly

And, we set off :-)

Quite happy to see such a nice weather

Kanwar and Jocke had good synchronization

In the sea

Programming Solution


Ryan Hamid said...

Glad to see you posting again! Your blog was an inspiration to me for a very long time :)

Gagan said...

Posted after a long time!

Well.. it's much easier to respond in Facebook haha.. i click 'Like' ;)

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