Monday, September 19, 2011

Euro trip 2011: Czech Republic

From Vienna we went to Prague, Czech Republic. It was 18 July. We had to take early train in the morning, at 08:25. We woke up very early in the morning, got ready, prepared light breakfast, ate and headed for the train station to catch the train. We found ourselves running in the train station to get in. We managed to get in at the very last minute :P

In the train, we met an American old guy, a literature professor, who is going to Prague to attend a conference. He is a jolly person. We gossiped about many things. He recited few verse from Shakespeare. Later on that day we met this guy again near the clock church. He took one of our pictures :) The train journey from Vienna to Prague was very nice. I liked the landscape. We had snacks in the train cafe. The journey was about 4 and half hours. We reached Prague central railway station around 13:00.

It was previously planned that we would be in Prague only for 5 hours. So we had to look around the city within that time. We started from the downtown, went to the church which has this famous astronomical clock. On the way we ate pizza for our lunch. For me it was one of the nicest pizza I have ever tasted. It was also very cheap. We passed through the Charles bridge and went to the Prague castle. It's on top of a mountain. According to the Guinness World Records, it is the biggest ancient castle. You can see the beautiful view of the city from that place. The day was very nice, bright and sunny. From the castle we went to see one of the weirdest structure of the world. Actually it's the transmission tower for the television center but somehow it looked really weird, doesn't match with the city's usual structures.

After seeing that building we had to do some grocery for coming days and it was almost time to leave Prague. Our next destination was Zurich and again we found that we were running out of time. So, run guys, run :)

Facts I noticed:

1. The look of Prague is different. There is not many high rise buildings. Many houses have tally roof, mostly of red color.

2. Roads are very narrow and so many steeps.

3. It's much cheaper compared to Finland.

4. Prague is a city for tourists. Lot of tourists all around.


The train from Vienna to Prague

Restaurant in the train

We requested the restaurant attendant to take a picture for three of us

Me, solo

In front of Prague central railway station

Typical European street

Interesting color of the building

Starting to walk to explore the city

Interesting way to leave your sign in the city. You can buy those blocks and write whatever you like and leave it there

The souvenir shop

The church

Church again

In front of the famous astronomical clock

Dressed up like a king, though the umbrella doesn't go with the king :P

Me and Shanila

Gagan barged in :P

Nicely framed

The American guy took our photo

Another shot in front of the church

Just a smiling face :)

Prague museum

On Charles bridge

Trying to figure out the correct way to the castle


On the way to the castle

Summer snow :D

We had to climb a long way

This is a scary thing outside of a restaurant. The restaurant was decorated with lots of torture equipments, no idea why

Many stairs to go

Almost on top

Now we are on top surface

The couple on top

Again requested somebody to take our picture

Nice view of Prague from the top

The weird television tower

Another look

At the bottom of that tower

Programming Solution