Monday, May 28, 2012

Roman holiday

The first time I watched this movie, 'Roman Holiday', almost two decades ago in BTV under a program called "Movie of the week". I didn't understand the movie much, obviously my English language skill was really poor at that time. I watched the same movie again around 2004 and this time I understood it quite well. But unfortunately this movie couldn't make Rome an allure to me unlike 'Gladiator' which made me fascinated about Colosseum. Ever since I watched 'Gladiator' I wanted to see Colosseum in my own eyes. It's not so far away from me now. Today we, me and my wife Sharmin, are going to Rome for a week holiday and we have agreed that we will start exploring Rome from Colosseum :)

I have taken one week of my summer vacation this week and we decided to visit Rome this time. In fact it's our first alone trip together outside Finland. We are taking Ryanair flight from Tampere today at 20:35. Yea, it's a bit late and if everything goes fine we will reach Rome Ciampino airport around 23:00. Our Hotel is near Rome central. We will just sleep in Rome tonight without seeing anything. From tomorrow we will start exploring. According to initial plan we roam around Rome tomorrow, on 30th we are going to Vatican and spend the whole day there, on 31 we will explore Rome more and in the afternoon of 1 June we will return to Finland via Ryanair again. I hope it will be a memorable trip :)

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Got Finnish residence permit for 4 years

Giving personal update again after a long time. I have got Finnish residence permit for 4 years. Along with me Sharmin, my wife, also got a residence permit of category 'A' for one year since it's her first time category change from 'B'.

After I have got permanent job contract in Ericsson I applied to the Finnish immigration office to extend my residence permit. This time I was hoping not to get only one year visa, but I was not sure. Yesterday I got a text from them that my residence permit is ready to be picked up. Along with Sharmin, I went to the immigration unit. I was stupid enough not to reserve an appointment and thus I had to wait an hour for my turn to come. Finally it came and when I got my new residence permit card I looked at it and here it goes :) It's not only for a year now, it's until May 2016 :D I was really happy and went to work with butterfly in my stomach :P Even if it was a very hectic day at work I didn't feel so bad. It's already giving me mental peace that I don't have to apply for residence permit every year from now :)

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