Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biking weekend

I passed the first weekend here in Tampere and it was really nice beyond my expectation. On Saturday night we had dinner in Badal vi's home. After dinner we were planning to go biking on the next morning. 4 guys agreed to go for that. So the next morning Morshed vi, Taslim vi, Rajit vi and me went for biking.

We started around 11 am. Our main destination was 2 lakes in Tampere. Those are not so near from where we are living; around 10 kilometers away. Rajit vi and me don't have bike but we managed from some other Bangladeshi guys. The roads of Tampere are not so plain. Tampere was a hilly area long ago. So the roads have many jig-jags. Its a bit difficult to bike in Tampere. Your thigh muscles have to be strong enough :P

At first we went to the first lake. There is a small beach. Only few people were around. May be we were very early and people were still sleeping as it was weekend. We had some snacks there, took some photos and headed for the next lake.

This is on the way of going to the first lake. I used the red bike. Its a nice bike with 21 gears.

I am along with Taslim vi and rajit vi on the nice bridge.

This is the first lake we visited. The water looks like the sky.

Having some snaps on those rocks

Another one, me alone

Looking at the map, how to go to the next place

From this lake we started for the other one. We stopped at a place at the middle as the place was very nice. We had few snaps there as well.

This is Tampere tower. I heard that this is the highest tower in nordic region. There is a theme park at the base of this tower.

Those yellow flowers caught our eyes and we didn't miss to take it though its almost out of focus here :D

The statue is very nice as well

Rajit vi looks sleepy. May be he was very tired after long time biking :D

The whole gang here. The four guys. Everybody is squeezing their eyes dur to the hot sun at that time.

From here we went to the other lake but at that time the battery of the camera was out of charge. So we couldn't take any picture of that lake. This next one is a bit smaller than the previous one but to me it seemed more beautiful than the previous one. Hopefully we will go there again and at that time our battery will be charged fully :D

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Friday, August 22, 2008

A trip to the city center

Many of my friends wanted to see my pictures here in Tampere. Yesterday I went to the city center to have my bus card issued. I went there along with Rajit vi. After getting my bus card we were roaming around. Tampere city center is not so big but it looks like a city as you will find many people walking, shopping, doing their stuffs and getting in buses. While in the city center I had my camera in my bag. So it was time to have some pictures. May be I will upload more pictures later. Because I will go for a city tour today arranged by the university. For the time being just have a look at these few ones.

This is before going to the city center. A corridor in the university. You are seeing the cafeteria name ZIP behind Rajit vi. I think this is the smallest cafe among the 3 in the university

I am in a park in the city center

A nude statue in front of a church(!!!). Rajit vi was so eager to have a picture having the statue behind him :D ;)

Another place. Behind me you are seeing the mayor's office.

Another shot near that mayor's office

This is the stree in front of the building where I am living right now. I took this after coming from the city center.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am in Tampere now

My last post was from Abu Dhabi Airport. After that I could not go online for a long time. Its been almost 4 days that I am in Tampere. I reached here Sunday night around 8. But it was not possible for me to creat a new post.

In Abu Dhabi Airport I somehow passed the whole 14 hours. Good that I didn't vomit or faint there. I had to drink coffee to sustain with my very bad headache. While getting into the flight from Abu Dhabi to Brussels they checked me very well top to bottom. They told me to take off my boots, belts, my favorite wrist watch, my wallet, my waist bag. They also told me to bring out the camera off my bag. Then I had to put all those things in a tray, put that tray, my hand bag and my hoodie on the conveyor belt. When those things are scanneg and perged off the other side so many things I had to collect. I put the hoodie on one chair and I was fixing the other things. When I finished fixing all those an attendant of Etihad told me to get in the plane hurriedly. So I just started walking towards the plane fogetting my hoodie behind me. That is how I lost my hoodie in Abu Dhabi airport :(

This aircraft was bigger than the previous one from Dhaka-Abu Dhabi. In this flight also I didn't get window seat. It was night. I tried to sleep but I didn't succeed well. I think I slept only for an hour in the plane. Then I started to watch movie. I selected a funny one I forgot the name now. It helped me to pass the time. There was a Belgian family beside me - 3 young girls and their parents. The mother was asking me where I am going and for what. I was gossiping with her at the end of my flight. Finally the plane reached the Brussels airport.

Brussels airport is a huge one. I had to walk and walk and walk to find the exact gate for me. I had a 4 hours break in that place. Good that I found some free big benches which helped me to have an hour nap. After the nap I freshened up and was waiting for the plane to arrived. It was an aircraft of Finair. When it arrived I found that its a very small plane. But this time I got a window seat. So I could see the taking off well. It was a short trip and I enjoyed it as it was bright morning and I could clearly see the outside. The flight arrived Helsinki around 0325 pm local time. My friend Atique was in the airport to receive me.

I was with atique for about an hour and half. Then I took the 0505 pm bus from Helsinki-Tampere. It took almost 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach Tampere. Morshed vi was present in Tampere bus station to bring me to his home. When I came his home other Bangladeshi students living in Tampere came to meet and greet me. Its really nice to have native people in this far place of the world.I was very much tired on that night. So I went to bed early in Morshed vi's room after taking dinner along with other Bangladeshis.

The next morning I registered myself in the university. I was having few sessions with guide students and other officials. The orientation program is going on throughout this week. Everyday a different schedule. On Friday there will be a city tour with the guides. May next week I will sign up my courses. For the time being I am trying to manage some accommodation for me as I haven't got any yet.

The weather is comfortable now. Its not very cold. The temperature is usually in between 15-20 but the weather is very unpredictable here. It rains without any notification. Right now its very sunny. May be it will rain within 30 minutes again. I found the finnish people very nice; the are helpful and cooperative. For the time being this is my updates here. Hopefully I will update you again soon :)

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am in Abu Dhabi airport

Right now I am in Abu Dhabi airport. I am just trying to pass the 14 hours' long break. Looks like time passes like a turtle. I have to pass 7 more hours for my next flight if it wont be delayed. I am taking Etihad Airways and I already have seen their Paris flight was late by 4 hours. Well, I hope mine wont be delayed.

The Abu Dhabi Airport is very nice. I am having a bad headache since I landed here. Still I took my camera off my back pack to take some pictures of the airport. Unfortunately after taking only one shot without fixing anything in the camera the battery went off. So I couldn't take any more picture. It would be easier to pass the time with my camera but its not possible now. At least its better that I am getting free internet browsing facility here. I can use it as long as I want but the problem is you wont get a chair in front of the pc. You have to use it standing. More over each and every pc logs off once in every 15 minutes. You have to log in again. I think they arranged it in this way to prohibit a single person to use the internet for hours and they are pretty successful. Using it for more than an hour is really difficult. As I am writing this post my waist started to ache already. I will update you people again I don't know when and from where :)

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Monday, August 11, 2008

5 Things: Its’ a Tag!

This is in response to Rafi's post. I didn't read Tanim's post but I went to Rafi's blog and found it. I like the topic of this tag. So I am writing in my blog. The rule goes like this, "All the readers who’re reading or commenting this post, have been tagged! If you like it don’t forget to answer the questions in your own blog."

5 things I hate most:

  • Hearing lie from close persons
  • Dirty toilets
  • A television that is on with very high volume
  • Finding close friends careless about me
  • Being late when everything was scheduled earlier and time was fixed

5 things I want most:
  • I want to meet very special one to me as soon as possible
  • I want to return to my country with a strong back up
  • I want to have a trip in pacific ocean in a yacht having my partner beside me
  • I want Bangladesh to be in such position so that a first world country's employer wont think his Bangladeshi employee will be very happy getting 1/4 salary of a first world employee even though he(the Bangladeshi employee) has the same potential
  • I want my close ones loyal to me

5 things you will find in my room
(aside from me and my pc):
  • A stack of books nicely organized in a shelf
  • 4 bamboo flutes on the book shelf
  • A thick mattress on the floor which is my bed and you will find a hollow in it as I sit there while using pc
  • My dart board with 2 darts on it with very bad targets
  • A box made of wood for the visitor to sit on

5 things I am currently doing:
  • Preparing to go to Finland
  • To spend as much time as I can with my family/friends/special one
  • Reading "Deception point" by Dan Brown
  • Watching Indiana Jones 1-3.
  • Trying to get rid of extra fat around my belly and waist

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Last roof top party in Jashim's home

May be it was the last party on Jashim's roof top. We had many events in this place and before leaving the country I wanted to add one more. So I decided to gave them a dinner treat about my going abroad in this place.

We had much difficulties last night. The weather was very bad, raining almost the whole day. It became worse when the power went off at 0730 PM and it came around 0930. We couldn't grill the chicken over coal as we needed electric fan for it and there was no electricity at that time. Finally we fried the chicken in oil. It was not bad either.

The menu was fixed kacchi birani and chicken grill with salad, sauce and soft drink. As a desert we had sweet curd. We wanted to do everything under the open sky but since evening it started to rain heavily and we were forced to go inside the stairway and fixed our burner in a small place over there. There would be a music system if it didn't rain. After dinner may be some of us would sing as well but the rain and power failure ruined everything. Still I hope everybody enjoyed it. At least the food was not so bad :D

Lets have a look on the party

Marinating the beef and chicken

It was left for 2 hours in that way

Khalid is chasing Jashim with the metal net. Having some fun

This time Jashim with a big dead branch of a tree. Khalid is not around :D

Tasnim and Shishire(he is the only one outside my area) had a great hand in beef for kacchi birani

I am trying to blow the coal. Due to rain it was very difficult. Razib gave the greatest effort but it didn't push through finally

Taking the food on the stairway as it was raining so heavily at that time

Everybody is looking at the camera

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Its great to have good friends

Friendship is one of the sacred relationships in this world I think. A good friend is a precious gem for your life. There are many ways how one can be a friend to other. I don't wanna talk about those things. What I wanna tell here is I am feeling great to have few very good friends.

Throughout my life I have very small number of friends. Well, I have many friends in fact but the number becomes small when it comes to good friends. But I am not unhappy for that as I found those few persons really good to me.

For more than a month I have been preparing myself and my stuffs to leave my country for higher education. I was having very hard times to do this and that. There are so many stuffs to fix. I had a small business here that needed to be closed and it caused many things to do. My friends helped me out to do those things as I had a job until end of July. I also got my friends around me while preparing things for my going abroad.

If you don't have a millionaire father you will find every penny important while your are preparing yourself to go abroad. So many scattered stuffs cause you a good amount of money. I was also feeling that while do shopping and other things. At that time my friends came forward to help me.

It started with Shujon. One day he was asking me if I need Tshirt while in Finland. I said of course I do and many in number. Just after that he told me to buy Tshirts of my choice and he will pay for those. I was a bit amazed to hear that. Few days later Jashim asked me if I had bought jeans. I told him that I have bought one and I need one more. He told me to buy it and he will pay for it. I was amazed again. Later Tasnim asked me how is my shopping going on. I said its going well. Yet to buy few things. He was asking what else. I told him different things and among those he told me he will buy me a sports sandals. Again I was amazed.

I know about them very well. Right now none of them is in good financial condition. Yet they wanted to help me and the most important thing is they told me before I bought those things which really helped me to save some of my money. I have got gifts from my relatives. They came to my home on last Friday and gave me different things but I already have finished my shopping and now those gifts are just extra stuffs to me. If the weight barriers doesn't allow me I wont bring those.

I always got support from my close friends. I found them always beside me. This time again I found how supportive they are to me. These days they call me every now and then - where I am, what I am doing, if I can meet them. Their attitude makes me feel how good we are to each other and how they will miss me while I wont be available. I will miss you, my friends ;-(

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Got my passport with resident permit

I told earlier that I am waiting for my visa to be issued in my passport. For that I needed to submit my passport in the embassy of Finland in New Delhi but this time I didn't go there to submit my passport. One of the senior brothers from my graduating school went there to submit his and his wife's passport and I just send my passport along with him.

Rajit vi(the senior brother) submitted my passport in the embassy and without any hassle they issued the resident permit in my passport and returned it to him. Last Thursday I have collected my passport from Rajid vi's home. He returned from India on Wednesday midnight. So now I am having a passport with Finnish resident permit by which I can visit any country belongs to European Union :)

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Farewell from village

Last week I went to my village to meet my relatives. I am going to leave Bangladesh mid August, so it was a kinda farewell from them.

It was a very short visit - only for 2 days. I was running from one place to another without any break. I met almost everybody that I should see before going. They wished me good luck. Some of my aunts cried which expresses their love for me. Actually it is not only for me; they feel the same way for any of their relatives. Iknew it, still seeing them crying melted my heart. May be they wont remember me much but they want me to be fine always.

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