Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Brownout and a boat trip

Yesterday there was a brownout in the area where my office is situated. It happened around 11:30 am. Usually the generator starts within few seconds in such kinda situation but yesterday the generator was out of order. So there was no electricity in our office. We were sitting in front of our pc without power in it :D I was missing talking with Liz because awhile ago I was talking with her through gmail chat though I had much workload :P We, all the coworkers, were sitting and gossiping but getting bored.

There is a lake near my workstation called Gulshan Lake. Suddenly one of my colleagues, Polin vi, proposed to have a boat trip in that lake. We were not agreeing with him at first. We were telling that the water is very dirty. But he kept bugging us and at last started to pester. Finally 3 of us agreed to go with him and I was one of those 3 persons :)

We went to the lake, hired a boat for 30 mins for 40 taka. We roamed around the lake for half an hour. There were so many slums around the lake. While on the boat Polin vi was shouting from time to time (actually singing but not in a nice tone :P ). The weather was gloomy and no wind at all. So it was a bit hot. Though the environment was not so good yet we enjoyed the trip; it was fun. Polin vi paid for the trip. So it became more pleasant for rest of us :P :P :P It was an exceptional refreshment during office hour which is rarely found :)

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

We broke a seat of the bus

While going to work this morning I had an interesting exprience. After taking the ticket I got in the bus, took my seat and was waiting for the bus to run. I noticed the back of my seat is less steeper than it should be. So I needed to lean backward a bit more to get the back of my seat to rest my own back. I noticed that the back rest was a bit flexible as well. Without thinking anything I put the whole weight of my back against it.

It was a seat for 3 persons. I was the first person there. In a while 2 other persons came, sit beside me and just like me they also put their back against the back of the seat. May be all 3 of us were thinking ohhh.. the seat is more comfortable... it's flexible enough... But suddenly uppppppppssssss... we were falling backward... aweeeee... the back of the seat broke :-O The persons sitting behind us just holded it. I was having hard time to hide my smile. I just went to another seat leaving that very flexible one :D the back of the seat was not totally departed from its body. So the 3 persons behind that seat had to hold that broken part with their hand all the way and I was smiling all the way sitting on another seat :D :D :D

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

I still love to walk

For some reason at the beginnig of March of this year I decided to to walk from the bus station to my home every evening when I returned home after my work. It takes only 20 minutes to pass that distance on foot. From the day of my start till now I walk that distance on every working day. This is an enjoyment for me.

I still love to walk very much.

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Bela biscuit

Few days back I read a story where I came to know about a special biscuit(cookie) of Chittagong. The name of the cookie is Bela. I knew that Sadia apu's family lives in Chittagong and she spent most of the time of her life in Chittagong. So I asked her about it and she told me that the cookie is really famous in Chittagong.

In next weekend Sadia apu went to Chittagong to visit her family. On sunday next when she came to office after that weekend she gave me a bag with Bela Biscuit in it. I was so surprised but didn't forget to thank her :) Those cookies are a little bit hard but good. I like the look of the cookie more than its taste :P

Thnx again Sadia apu for Bela Biscuit.

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