Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mourning for Haq sir

Last week, on Wednesday one of our school teacher named Abdul Haq died in a road accident near Tongi (may Allah rest his soul in peace). He was one of my teachers from high school. I heard the news last night and I was feeling extremely sad.

To tell the truth I was not fond of Haq sir while I was a student of high school. I didn't undergo many classes conducted by him. The classes I got with him he seemed a very strict teacher. After passing my high school I got chance to mingle with him personally. At that time I used to go for dawa of Islam for several times and for few of those trip he was along with us in the group. While in those trips I came to know him better. As a person he was very simple; no luxury in his life at all. One of his good quality was he could cook very well. While in dawa the day on which he was included in the cooking team we used to become so happy as we knew that the food would be very much delicious.

If I didn't mingle with him personally I wouldn't be this much sad as I am now. Last night I really felt bad and I was so sad for several hours. He was still less than 60. I wish no accident will take life of such kinda nice person anymore.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have a haircut in an air conditioned salon :D

For the first time in my life I had a haircut in an air conditioned salon on last Saturday. I used to have my haircut in a roadside barber shop. Those are named like "Shubol hair dresser", "Haji salon", "New style hair dresser" and so on. Those are cheap and dirty as well. You will see many calendars and posters in those kinda barber shop. Most of the posters have picture of guys with funny hairstyles. Sometimes there are pictures of hindu guru with long hair and a trident in his hand I don't know why. Sometimes you even find pictures of kids where they are reading The Holy Quran though it's a bit rare these days. I never got why those kinda pictures should be hung in a barber shop :-S

Anyway, the last last time I had my monthly haircut I went one of those kinda roadside barber shop. While I was going under the dressing process I smelt something very stinking. It seemed someone was farting there and he might not defecate for 2 days. From that day I decided not to go any roadside barber shop anymore to have my haircut. I have my haircut only once in a month and I can spend 100 taka for it while the roadside barber shop takes 20 taka only :D So this month I did as I thought. I went to a nice and clean air conditioned salon and I liked it.

The salon is near my house. So it wont take much time to go there. I thought they would take at least 70-80 taka for a haircut but for my amazement they took only 35. Yea I am not joking; that's their rate for a haircut. I was really astound about it as their service is really good. I forgot the name of the salon. I think from now on I will have my haircut in this salon :)

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Be warned while you have clogged nose for several days

How many of us treat colds as a serious illness? I think very few but trust me you should take it seriously while you have colds and and totally clogged nose for more than 3 days. It can be disastrous. If you have runny nose then its not a serious matter to think about. Be warned if your nose is totally clogged for several days.

I was having colds for 5 days and my nose was totally blocked. I couldn't breath through my nose; I used to perform my respiration through my mouth. last last Sunday morning I woke up with extreme pain in my left ear. It seemed that my ear would burst. I couldn't sleep anymore after 3 am. Around 9 am my left ear started to bleed. Being so worried about it I went to see a doctor, an ENT specialist. After examining me properly the doctor said that my ear drum has been burst. I was not sure if I heard him wrong. I asked him again and he said it again and bad for me that I heard it correctly first time. I became much worried but he assure me that it would be fine again under proper treatment. He informed me having clogged nose for 5 days caused the damage to me. It creates pressure on the ear drum and finally it burst. So take it seriously when you have colds with blocked nose. Do something to unclogged your nose. Better see a doctor soon.

I was googling about it and found it true. You can even break your ear drum with a cotton bar. So if you have habit of using cotton bar be careful while using it. Its better if you don't use that at all. Look at the pictures you will get how wax blocks your ear and how possibly you will break your ear drum if you are not very much careful while using it.

ear blocking by wax

This is how wax can block your ear.
No need to clean that at all(recommended by specialist)

Breaking the ear drum by cotton bar

This is how your ear drum can be broken.
So be careful always

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Monday, April 14, 2008

A very bad "Pohela Boishakh" for me :(

Today is the "Pohela Boishakh", the first day of Bangla calendar. Every year, this is a very joyfull day for me even if I don't have special activities. Without any reason I am happy the whole day. I may not go to the fair but I go out to see my friends and gossip with them.

This year its totally different. I stayed home the whole day. Its a public holiday in our country yet I didn't go out. The reason behind it is I am very much sick for days now :( Yesterday morning I woke up with an extreme pain in my left ear and since yesterday afternoon it started to bleed. I saw a doctor in the evening and he, without bringing any expression in his voice and face, just said that my ear drum has been burst. I was stunned to hear that but the doctor told me not to worry about it. It will be ok under proper medication. I am under treatment now. The bad thing is the bleeding hasn't stopped yet. That is why I was in home the whole day even if its "Pohela Boishakh". I was sitting and lying all the day and I am so bored. So its not a good "Pohela Boishakh" at all for me :(

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Orange Vs Clementine

Do you people know both orange and clementine? I didn't. Those are of same type but not identical. What we see in Bangladesh we call it "Komola" in Bangla and from my childhood I knew the english of "Komola" is "Orange".

Few days back when we were given fruits around 11 am in our office as there was Jonas, the swedish trainer, he told that its not orange. We were surprised. We knew for a long time that its orange and he is saying its same as orange but something else. Then he went to wikipedia and showed us the difference. We saw that there is another fruit named "Clementine" which is exactly what we call "komola" here. Orange is something different from clementine. For so long time we were eating clementine and thought we were eating orange which is not true actually. Its amazing.

Both of those came from same Genus but their Species is different. Their common Genus is Citrus. Species of orange is Sinensis and Species of clementine is Reticulata. So their scientific names are correspondingly C. sinensis and C. reticulata.

I think most Bangladeshi people don't know about it. If you wanna know more about it check the links Orange and Clementine. If you look at the pictures carefully after enlarging you will find the difference.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Life is beautiful

The title of my post is same as a famous hollywood movie. That is one of my favorite movies of all times. In that movie it is shown how beautiful life can be even in a disastrous situation. recently I also felt how beautiful life can be.

I have been suffering from fever and colds since yesterday afternoon. I had clogged nose and terrible headache. I came home in the afternoon as it was not possible for me to continue my work in that situation. At night it worsen. I thought I would take paracetamols after taking dinner but unfortunately no paracetamol was available. My parents are in Bogra for some family stuffs. So nobody is in home to take care of me. I called my mom and showed my grief for there was no medicine. She asked me what happened and I replied "Just a bit fever". She asked me if I went to office and I told her that I went but came back in the afternoon. From this she came to know that my fever is bad now. Otherwise I wouldn't leave office early. I cut the call.

I was not feeling well. I went online just to talk with Liz for awhile. I was having hard time to sit on my bed. I talked with her for few minutes. I just saw her crying. Seeing me that much sick she just cried as she cant do anything about it. I was proud to see that. I signed out early as the fever was getting worse with time. I went to bed and our door bell rang. I opened the door and it was our building caretaker (for your information we live in a rental house. Its not our own house). He was standing with few packets. He gave me those and said that my father called him and told him to buy me those. I saw there was apple, clementine and paracetamol tablets. All my sadness went away and I felt lot more better after getting those. It gave me feeling that life is so much beautiful.

I don't know what happens to other people but in case of me I want much more care while I am sick. I want someone dear to me will sit beside me and gossip with me though I will talk less. He/she will ask me how I am feeling and will touch my forehead to get my temperature. I crave for someone's company while I am in that situation. Last night I was so sad as I found myself alone and nobody is beside me even to talk with me. When I saw Liz crying and then got those things I just realized that there are people to think about me, to care about me. Ahhhh.... life is really beautiful.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting older

I was going to office this morning. I usually take a bus from a nearby place of my home. There are so many bus services like - anabil, salsabil, tasico, kopotaxo, blue bird and so on in that route. This morning I was a bit early in the bus stand. Standing in front of the bus counter I was looking at the end of the road from where every bus shows up. Several buses came but I didn't take any of those for those were so much crowded. Then a salsabil bus came and it seemed a bit free. So I bought the ticket and queue up for the bus. When the bus came to the counter I saw another salsabil bus at the end of the road coming towards the counter. By that time I already grasp the handle of the bus but as you know when two buses of same route come back to back usually the latter is less crowded. So I decided to leave the first one. The amazing thing is I was still holding the handle. The man behind me was shouting at me and told why don't I get in. I said sorry and left the door and let him get in the bus.

I was thinking about this event after getting in the latter bus. Why I was holding the handle of the bus even after I had decided to take the other one?? Am I getting older to act fast?? Ohh... of course I am getting older but the thing is I should leave the handle as soon as I decided to take the other one. Why didn't I do that? Am I not aware of my surroundings?? My reflex was good enough from my childhood. Looks like its getting slower unlike before.

People grow older with time. Nobody can resist it anyway but its not so nice to see the effect of getting older within you :)

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