Saturday, August 29, 2009

Convocation of Miraj vi and Farzan vi

Yesterday was the convocation of Miraj vi and Farzan vi. Miraj vi finished his Ph.D. few months back and Farzan vi just completed his masters from Communication Engineering Department. Yesterday afternoon they got the certificates. Later at night we had a nice iftar and dinner in Miraj vi's home.

Here goes some pictures from the ceremony.

A nice chorus song to start the ceremony

The rector is announcing the names and giving the certificates

Smiling Farzan vi with flowers from well wishers

Miraj vi and his family

Sharing his certificate :D

... and his flowers too :P

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Second Ramadan in Finland

This is the second Ramadan I am passing in Finland. It started yesterday. This year it is longer than the previous year, more than 18 hours fasting. Good that you do not perspire here so you wont feel thirsty.

The first Ramadan was nice. We, the Bangladeshi community here, had the iftar together. Every family came with a dish and finally there were lots of items. The iftar ended with a full tummy dinner.

Here are some pictures of the first iftar of this year.

The plates are being arranged

The fruit salad

Everything is ready

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

1 year since I left my home

Today is 16 August, 2009. Exactly the same day I left my home in Dhaka. On 16 August, 2008 very early in the morning I started my journey. I have passed a whole year being apart from my family. Time passes so quickly. It seems that I came here only few months back but actually its a a long time.

In this one year so many things happened. I have completed most of my masters courses, I did very difficult outdoor job for 6 months, I have learned to live alone, I got job in the university, I met my very special one and so on but what I cannot do yet is fixing a date to go to my home :( It is still uncertain. I don't know when I will be able to manage everything and tell my mom over the phone that I am coming home in few weeks. So many things need to be fixed. I wish it wont take long time to visit my home :)

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

First ever fishing :)

It was long time ago when I tried fishing for the first time in my life, may be 16-17 years back. That was in my village and I was just a kid then. I tried for a long time but, so far I remember, I did not get any fish. After that very first time more than a decade passed but I never got a chance for fishing. Luckily yesterday once again the chance came for me.

Badal vi wanted to go for fishing along with his family and he asked shaikat vi's family and me to go with them. I did not want to loose the chance, so I agreed to go with them. We went to the rose garden in Hatanpa. Beside the rose garden there is a lake and Badal vi and me started fishing in that lake while others were just gossiping and roaming around. With my very less experience in fishing I was not very hopeful to get any fish but suddenly I got one after 20 minutes may be. At that time badal vi was on his four I think. I was having hard time with timing. As time passed by I was beginning to learn when to pull the hook and amazingly I started to get fishes. We were there for almost three hours. We got forty fishes in total and I got twelve, not a bad start though :) Later, at night, we processed the fishes in Badal vi's home and had dinner with khichuri and fried fish :D

Here goes some picture of the day

Looking at the water with much concentration

The first one I got. Shaikat vi came to help me

It jumped of suddenly

Finally Shaikat vi could manage to grab it

We got these within an hour I think

Lots of fried fishes. The camera was not focused well :(

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