Friday, May 29, 2009

Got a job in the university as Research Assistant

You know I came from Oulu suddenly to attend a meeting with my professor. I met the professor today and he formally let me know that he is going to take me as a Research Assistant under his supervision. My joining date is June 1, 2009 means next Monday.

Today the professor introduced me with the secretary of our department and she helped me to do the procedural stuffs. I had to fill up few forms. Next Monday she will give me the key of my room and then the laptop that I will use for my work.

Its a 6 months' contract as a full time worker(weekly 37.5 hours). So from next Monday I will sit in a tiny room in my university from 9 to 5 and hopefully my 3 months' long summer vacation wont go in vain :)

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oulu tour came to an end suddenly :(

We have been thinking I would come back to Tampere after this coming weekend. But our thought became false with a tiny mail from my professor. This afternoon he mailed me and told me to meet him in his office tomorrow at 11:30 am. So I had to pack my stuffs up, caught the 05:45 train from Oulu and came back to Tampere.

I stayed 8 days in Oulu. In fact that's a long time. Yet it seems we could not do many things that were part of our plan. Actually, we thought I would obviously stay 3 more days and 2 of those will be in the weekend. So we postponed many things for the weekend. This morning I was afraid if my professor mailed me today and told me to meet him tomorrow and that exactly what had happened this afternoon around 01:30 pm :( Upon hearing my leaving Shanila came back from her work earlier than usual. Gagan came back earlier than Shanila since he was having migraine and couldn't continue working at office. Shanila made few nice dishes so fast and we ate hurriedly. Gagan couldn't accompany me to the train station for his migraine. So its only Shanila who escorted me to the train station. I reached Tampere around 10 pm and entered into my own room around 10:40 pm and suddenly felt so bad when found myself alone in my room. Last few days was really enjoyable. I have few more pictures to share. Mostly of foods :D

Buritos made by Gagan. Just like Shorma in our country

An interesting bike. 3 persons can sit at a time.

Delicious noodles made by Shanila

Me, with tobla :D

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Four days in Oulu

On Wednesday afternoon I came to Oulu. Gagan fetched me in the railway station. Just after coming home I freshened up and ate rice with delicious chicken curry(vuna murgi) and shrimp mash(chingri vorta). At night we gossiped and played a new board game. Shanila won the game and I was the 3rd among three :P

The next day(Thursday) was sunny and it was a public holiday here. So we decided to go to a small beach nearby. We took different kinds of foods and tea with us and started by bike. Suddenly it started raining. So we didn't go to the beach rather we went to a nearby lake side. We couldn't be there for long time as the rain started heavily. So we returned and watched a movie titled "The last king of Scotland". Its a nice movie. At night Gagan makd a big pizza and we finished our dinner with that. After dinner Gagan and me played chess and I won.

Here are some pictures of Thursday.

Trying to be kid again :D

Gagan was trying too according to Shanila's instruction but couldn't manage well :P

Gagan said it as a romantic picture hahahaha...

Two fellows

Screaming with big grin

Gagan is making a huge pizza

The next day, Friday, I woke up a bit late. By this time Gagan and Shanila left for their own workplaces. I was just in home, browsing and chatting with my friends. Shanila came back around 12 O' clock and we finished our lunch. Gagan came back from office around 5 pm and we prepared "kacchi biriyani" for the dinner. Shanila made "borhani". The kacchi biriyani tasted awesome with the borhani. At night one Finnish couple(Nico and Tanja) came and we played a board game called Power Grid. It was a long game, took 2 hours to come to an end. They left around 12 midnight. We were still gossiping and finally went to bed around 4 am I think.

Some pictures from Friday:

Rainbow from the kitchen window

I am cooking the "Kacchi Biriyani", beside me "Borhani" is being prepared by Shanila

A closer look to the kacchi biriyani I made

Borhani is also prepared, everything is ready for dinner

Playing board game at night

The next day was Saturday, weekend. Again I woke up late. We took a heavy breakfast and found the weather turned into sunny. So we decided to go to Nallikari beach. We got ready and started biking towards the beach. Luckily we found that it was the day of marathon that is arranged once in a year in Oulu. So it was kinda festival mood in the beach area. We were in the beach for 2 hours may be. It was raining at the time of returning. At night Shanila made "chotpoti" and we made our tummy full by chotpoti only. We were very tired at night for long time biking. So we slept earlier than usual.

Here are some pictures of that day.

Going to Nallikari beach

I just stopped to have a look to the marathon, Shanila was still running.

So many participants

On top of a tower in the beach

A duck in the sea. I never saw like that before

There is a platform to get the nice view of the sea

Somehow Gagan grabbed me in a frame :)

With Gagan. Why the hell he is gaining so much weight these days :-S I look so thin beside him :(

I told Gagan, "A mermaid is sitting beside the sea"

Nice shade of light

Getting down from the tower

I was eating chips. I don't know why it seems so weird. May be because nobody eats chips while in the beach.

Shanila was really cheerful. She was making the court of "Ekka-dokka" :P

And here she goes, playing ekka-dokka

Shanila made Gagan to play as well. Look at him, how clumsy he is :D

Playing "Pentago". I don't know why the background seems painted :-?

The marathon was almost finished while we were coming back, people were coming back.

There is the finish line

Shanila made nice delicious "Chotpoti". We finished our dinner with that and we were totally full.

Closer look to the chotpoti

On Sunday morning I woke up around 10 am. The weather was gloomy. It was raining from time to time. We finished our breakfast with pizza and coffee. Then Shanila prepared a very nice spanish dish called paella. Since the weather was not so nice we were just gossiping and waiting for lunch time. Paella is a nice delicious dish and we ate until there was no empty space in our tummy :P Again we were gossiping and playing with some puzzles. In the evening, Gagan made a big cake and we finished half of it with coffee. Finally, Shanila made a delicious "Khichuri" and we finished our dinner with khichuri with scrambled egg and chicken curry. The next day is working day again for Gagan and Shanila. So we went to bed early.

Cake, made by Gagan, juicy and delicious :P

Shanila prepared a awesome "Khicuri". We ate that with scrambled egg and chichen curry as our dinner.

Today I woke up a bit earlier, around 9 am. Gagan and Shanila went to work already. I am just in home. The weather is really nice, bright and sunny. I may go out for biking. Let's see what comes next :)

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going to Oulu

Its 20 May, 2009. I am going to Oulu to visit Gagan, one of my best friends. Since I came to Finland, I have been thinking when I will be able go to his home in Oulu. Finally, the time has come and I am going there today.

I have finished my exam last week and my summer holiday has been started since then. I have no class, and no work as well. So, when Gagan invited me to visit him, I decided to take the opportunity and utilize my holidays.

I am going to Oulu by 12 O' clock train. Oulu is at almost 500 kilometers north to Tampere. It will take more than 5 hours by train. I will reach Oulu at 1712 according to the railway service time. I hope everything will be fine and I will spend a nice vacation there.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eurovision night with pizza dinner

Yesterday was the final round of Eurovision 2009. We were thinking where we were going to watch the program. As always Miraj vi appeared as the reliever. He invited all of us to watch the program in his home in his giant flat screen television.

We went to Miraj vi's home at 9 pm. We were found that pizza making process was going on. We were gossiping and waiting for the pizza and the eurovision program to be started. The program started at 10 and pizza started to come to the living room. We were watching the program and enjoying the pizza. Seven big pizzas were made for 11 persons. So we could consume as much as we want. The pizza was nice. I ate a lots of pizza and coke. We eneded eating with ice cream and then tea.

I was also enjoying the program. This year the host is Russia since they are the winner of 2008. The Stage was nice and the lighting was also awesome. After all the countries' performance, there was 15 mins time to vote through sms. We were waiting for the result. There were 25 countries in the final. We were eager to see who will be the winner among those 25. The result was declared one by one nation. Finally, Norway won with a big distance to second place. Iceland was in the second place and Azerbaijan was the third. I am amazed, why Finland was at 25th position. Their performance was not so bad I think.

Let's check some videos from the participant countries.

Here goes Norway, the winner of eurovision 2009

Here is Iceland, 2nd place

Here is Azerbaijan, the 3rd place

Here is this year's Finald's performance

And here goes Finland's performance in 2006 when they wins eurovision. Its kinda weird :P

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

One academic year completed

Today I just attended the last one of three consecutive exams. The fifth period of academic year 2008-2009 has been over with this exam.

I started this academic year in August, 2008. It seems that I came here only few days back but by this time 9 months has been gone. To tell you the truth, I still haven't worn some of my cloths that I brought from my home. Those are in my cupboard as were folded in Dhaka. Time really does fly.

From today, the three months long vacation is starting. Its a long vacation. For few weeks now, I have been feeling like going home. I am afraid I wont be able in this summer :-(

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leaves are showing up

For two weeks now the weather is been very nice. The sun is shining almost all the time during day, and the day has become 17 hours long already. During day, the temperature is around +15, thus, it became very comfortable. May be trees are feeling comfortable with this weather too and that's why I am seeing new leaves are showing up.

For almost 6 months, there is no leaf in trees. I was not able to see anything green even though there are lots of trees in Tampere. I have been seeing thousands of trees, all gray. The blooming started with the first drop of rain last week. The trees are becoming alive again. Hopefully, a week from now, all the trees will be green and flowers will start to bloom as well :)

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A short film

I just watched a short film and wanted to share it here. I am sure if you watch this while eating fried chicken you wont get the taste as you are supposed to feel :)

Here goes the short film

Now after watching the video how do you feel? Of course stop eating fried chicken and other nice food is not a solution to those hungry people. Well, I don't know what is the solution. But at least, don't waste your food; be thankful for what you are getting on your dining table everyday.

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Friday, May 1, 2009


Its May 1. This day is known to me as May day, the day dedicated for all the labors all over the world. In Finland its kinda different I guess. The celebrate it differently. Its a celebration day like new year in Bangladesh(Pohela Boishakh).

The whole country is in festival mood on this day. I am in Tampere so I just could see how it is here. I went to downtown to see how they celebrate it. I found lots of people, that is a bit unusual in Finland, gathered in the center. They were singing, dancing, shouting. There were many groups with different colors. They were waiting for the rally. I was just roaming and shooting pictures. Their colorful dresses and enjoying faces somehow captivated me.

I took a position from where I can take some front pictures of the rally. The rally started walking towards the lake. There were many groups. Most of the groups were holding a big sculpture of something. When all the groups gathered by the side of the lake they were preparing for the dipping program.

On this day they dip engineering students in the lake who are in their first year in school. As it is my first year here I was also eligible for this but I didn't go for it because I needed to buy a dress and a cap that cost around 100 euro which is a bit expensive for me. There were 2 big cranes for the dipping program. Each time 6-10 students, both boys and girls, got on the square platform(like a box) and the crane lowers it down to the lake water. The students were having fun of it. They were showering champagne while on that platform. I just saw 4 or 5 dipping and then came back because this same thing will be continued for 2 more hours may be. The weather was very nice today and so everybody was enjoying the wappu.

I am giving some snapshot here for you people :)

Music is going on

General people waiting to participate in the rally

A group in blue dress

Near the city center. Lots of balloons with spectacular colors

The first rally by general people

The main rally, escorted by a police car, is coming

One group in nice white dress

Another group dressed up just the opposite of the previous one

I don't know why this group is carrying the sculpture of Dalai Lama :-?

Pinky carrying a big spectacles :D

One group decided to run in the rally. They waited to make gap in front of them and then started running suddenly.

All the groups gathered beside the lake

The big cranes

Lots of people at the opposite side of the lake

Here goes the first dip. Only 4 guys I guess

Now they are in water. It was still very cold. The temperature was just above +10

Here goes another one

The lake has a dam at one end

A snap from the top of the dam

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