Friday, January 28, 2011

Happiness is real when shared

I saw a movie two years ago called “Into the Wild,” it was a great movie based on a true story. (The movie contain some nudity, in which I rather not see, so watch the movie with cautious eyes) The story was about a kid name Christopher McCandless, who graduated from college and realized that although he had all the successes, especially money because his parents were running a very profitable business, he did not care for material things. He hated to see his parents fighting over money, business issues which was pulling his family apart. He decided to runaway from home and live on his own, in the wilderness, away from society. He did not want to be a part of society, he just wanted to experience the natural life, without electricity, a job, a car and a identity. He traveled all over the country and was living his dreams without any cares. He eventually met people in his path that offered him shelter, food and company, he stood with them for a while, but he still decided to live on his own. He met an older couple that wanted to take him in as a son, he met a girlfriend, he also met an old man that wanted to adopt him. All these events happen to him in different times in his journey, but he still didn’t want to live with anyone, he decided to live by himself.

He lived in a junked abandon bus that was in the middle of the wilderness far away from society. He hunted for food, washed in the river, and slept in the bus alone. One day as he was hunting, he discovered a plant called wild potato root, which he had no idea it was filled with poison. He ate the plants and at that night, he fell asleep with lots of pain in his stomach. He noticed in the morning his body was shutting down and he became extremely sick. He quickly took a look in a book he had about plants, he checked to see what kind of plants he ate, and he discovered that it was a poisonous plant. He started crying hysterical and eventually his body was not working properly anymore, he became very weak. After a couple of days, his body weight drop rapidly, and he came to terms that he was dying. He took out a pen and wrote in his book, “happiness is real when shared.” Although, he was living his dream, he realize that the best times he really had was when he shared it with someone. He met many people in his path, but he turned them all down, so he can live his dream. He ran away from his problems so he can find himself, but his selfish dreams led him to walk on a lonely road.

Sometimes we can get so disgusted with this world because of all the corruption, deceit, and it can drive us to runaway to the highest mountain and hide from the world, but it is not healthy. We live in this world, but we are not of this world. Don’t separate yourself from this world. It is good to get married, it is good to have friends, it is good to share your experiences with people. Spend time with family, spend more time with your wife or husband or children, because happiness is real when you share it.

Share your experiences, create a blog, go meet people, put a positive message on your bumper of your car, encourage another person, call a friend, tell your family members you love them, pass on the light that you possess inside of you.

Don’t just get enlightened and leave it like that, share it.

Source: WRDZ

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hajmola story

Before I left Dhaka this time my cousin, Rafid, gave me 3 bottles of Hajmola. I tasted Hajmola long ago, years back. I didn't like it much but didn't dislike it as well. Today when I came to office I took one bottle with me for my colleagues. In the afternoon I offered them. They were so suspicious to see pill-like stuff with weird color and spicy smell. Aila and Ville tasted it, Peter took one but didn't dare to taste, actually he was waiting to see others' reaction. Just after putting it in mouth Aila said it has weird taste and she swallowed it right away. I said they have to chew it anyway. So Ville put his tablet inside his mouth and started to chew. He started to give a strange look. He said it's aweful but didn't gave up, continued chewing. After a while he said it tastes hot now and he became red but somehow he finished it. Seeing all these Peter didn't taste it at all. He took it home and wanted his wife to taste it :P I am eager to hear his wife's reaction. Well she is an Indonesian, so she may not react like a Finn. It seems that Finns don't like this taste at all.

I sent the Dabur website link to Ville to see what are the ingredients. What we saw there is this

Main ingredients
Kalimirch, Zeera, Saunth,Nimbu saar

Other ingredients

Pippali, Samudra Lavan, Sarkara, Krishnalavana, Navsadar

which didn't make things clear. I don't know why they didn't write the name of the ingredients in English :-S Ville was asking me if I know those ingredients. Unfortunately I know only the first two items they mentioned. All others are also unknown to me. Peter was laughing and was telling what if we start giving other people this pain :P FYI, there is a big high table in our team space on which we put different kinds of chocolates, candy, sticky note papers, pen, pencils and so on. Anybody can take things from there, even from outside the team. He suggested to put the hajmola in one bowl just beside other candies, so that people will taste it as well and we will laugh at him/her when we see his/her funny face :D Suddenly all team members agreed and we just put the hajmola in one of the white bowls and placed it on the table. I removed all other craps, i.e., papers, pens etc., from the table so that people wont be distracted :P We are waiting to see the first victim :P

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Came back from Pietarsaari

I came back from Pietarsaari last night after a horrible(for me) tournament. I went there on Friday to participate in a badminton tournament on Saturday. Pietarsaari is almost 500 km north from my place. It was a very long journey in train and it was damn cold over there. After all those effort the result is not good. I lost both in single and double in the very first match. Babu vi was the one who invited me to be his partner in double. He also registered me as a single participant in one of the groups. My performance was not good. I played after more than a month gap and I was making lot of mistakes while playing. But it was nice to spend the weekend in Babu vi's home. He has such a nice family, wife and 2 sons. What I saw is the whole family is seasoned with love.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going back to Helsinki

I have not been writing anything for a long time. Now writing this post from Abu Dhabi International Airport. I am going back to Helsinki. My four weeks vacation just finished. It passed so fast. The old life will start again. I will try to write something about my visit to home when I will get time.

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