Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Euro Trip 2011

Today I have bought the Interrail global pass for 10 travel days. These travel days can be any 10 days within the period of 22 days. Yes I have decided to explore some of the places in Europe and wanted to do it by train since this is the last year I can get the youth discount. We are three persons going together - me, Gagan and Shanila. Our trip will start on 16 July.

Last couple of weeks we have been spending hours almost every day to plan about it. We came up the itinerary and then reserved the flight ticket to Budapest to get out of Finland. FYI, Interrail ticket is not valid within the country of residence. Our train journey will start from Budapest. I also bought the return flight from Bremen to Tampere. Finally I bought the Interrail pass this morning and reserved the possible train seats for our journeys. Now it's finalized, we are really going for this trip :D Jibber jabber aside, I want to share my trip itinerary with a lovely animation. Thanks to tripline for providing this service, and Gagan for introducing me with this :)

(Play in full screen to watch it better)

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Gadget month :)

I have been getting myself quite many gadgets in last month. Every time I bought a new one it made me happier :) The first one I bought is the Logitech sound speaker. I bought it from verkkokauppa. It made me feel how the hell I lived without it for several years. I used to watch movies with the crappy sound of my laptop. I have an acer laptop, so I had to use all my brain's processing power to hear the sound. It's insane for a movie freak like me. I should have bought the speaker years ago.

The next gadgets I got a 1 TB external hard drive, wireless keyboard and mouse. I ordered all of those from amazon. The hard drive came within a week but it took 2 weeks for the keyboard and mouse to arrive. These days I can lean on my couch and use my pc :) The next thing is bluetooth headset. Well it was provided by my office. I wanted to buy one, but just took a chance and sent a mail to our secretary if I can get one. She replied me with a huge list of sony-ericsson's bluetooth headset and asked me to choose one so that she can order that particular model for me. I happily choose one. Nowadays sometimes I talk to my friend even while I am running :D The biggest device I have bought just yesterday. It's a Sony Bravia 32 inch LCD television. The model is KDL-32D2810. Right now my laptop is connected to it and I am writing this post on the television screen :)

Apart from these I also bought a vacuum cleaner and deep fryer. The vacuum cleaner is a small cute one with cyclone technology which doesn't need any dust bag. Oh yea, my room is clean now :D but I am worried about the deep fryer. I am eating french fry almost every night as my late night snacks. I hope I wont have a big belly within few months. Anyway, looks like I am enjoying buying gadgets these days, also enjoying seeing how they pay off :)

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