Monday, December 20, 2010

The journey begins today

After 2 years and 4 months I am going back home today. It's a great feeling. I have been planning to go there for long time but couldn't manage earlier. Now the time has come. I am going back my home. Home, sweet home :)

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Changes in lifestyle

Within last few months there are several changes in my lifestyle. May be some are good, some, I am not sure. The first change is I started playing badminton regularly with much effort and concentration after a long time. I think since I left my graduate school in 2006, I never played badminton this seriously. I know this is good even though I got two of my vertebra locked after one tough match. I went to the physiotherapist in my office. She tried to unlock it but couldn't. She said it should be unlocked automatically while in rest. I don't know yet if it is still locked but I don't feel the pain anymore.

Another change in my lifestyle is I started eating outside a lot. In restaurant, pizza shop, Chinese food shop and so on. I seldom cook these days. I amazingly noticed that for last one month I cooked only 4-5 times which is quite unlikely for me. I used to cook a lot before. I don't know if this is good or bad but it costs me a hell lot of money to eat outside very often.

The biggest change in my lifestyle is I started spend money for myself. Usually I don't bother about money that much but when I am spending it for myself I used to think a lot and try not to spend it. But these days I buy myself different things, I do shopping which I didn't use to do before, I buy things for my own use only. I am not sure if this is good or bad but I can feel this biggest change most intensively. In life, changes are continuous. I just hope these are for betterment.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bought a new shoe :)

Yesterday I bought a new pair of shoes. For last few weeks I have been looking for shoes. I was looking for a caterpillar this time. It's been more than two yeas that I have decided to buy a caterpillar shoes for myself someday. But it's so expensive and I didn't have the guts to buy a pair of shoes for myself which costs 120-160 Euro range. One month back the threshold limit exceeded and I decided to get one. Unfortunately the model, Men's Corax - Nutmeg, I like was not available for my size. I found it in different shops but those starts from 44, but my size is 42. So I couldn't get that one even if I liked it so much. As a result I couldn't get a caterpillar yet. Finally I went for a hush puppies yesterday. It's nothing compared to the model I wanted from caterpillar but still I liked it :)

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lost the badminton match today :(

Today was my first match in my new group. I couldn't make it a win. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the game. Actually the guy is clearly better than me. As he said, he has not been playing for last few years but before that, while he was regular, he used to play in group 1, which means he is a real good badminton player.

It's a best of 3 set match. I lost the first 2 as 21-12, 21-17. After the two matches he told me that I have good control but I must add some spice to my play, I should be more aggressive. Later we played 2 more games and I experimented his suggestion by being attacking with smashes. And you know what? I won these two games as 21-17, 21-14. Well he is a big guy, weighs 106 kilos, he might be very tired after the first 2 matches but still I found that following his suggestion helped. I will remember it in my upcoming matches. I just wish he would have given me this suggestion at the beginning :P

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Promoted to upper group

I played the last badminton match in my group today. And guess what, I won :) With this I won all the matches in my group. So now I have been promoted to the upper group.

Actually I started playing in this round and I was placed in the last group which is group 6. The rule is after each round the first place holder of each group gets promoted to the corresponding upper group. Since I have won all three matches in my group now I will play in group 5 during next round. Let's see how far I can go :)

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Missed the badminton tournament :(

I was supposed to participate in the office badminton tournament on Sunday, but unfortunately I couldn't. The tournament was scheduled at 11 O'clock in the morning and I woke up around 11:30. The thing is I was awake the whole night on Saturday. I went to bed around 11:50 PM but I couldn't sleep. I was in bed and time was just flowing as usual. I thought may be after couple of hours I would be able to sleep but I was wrong. Finally around 4 O'clock in the morning I gave up and got up from bed. I prepared some fried rice. Yes, I was hungry already. Then I watched few episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Finally at 7 O'clock I went to bed again to sleep. This time I fell asleep within an hour. Finally I woke up around 11:30. Well, even if I would woke up on time I wouldn't be able to participate because I was feeling so dizzy and my whole body was kinda stiff. I was so eager to participate in this tournament but I couldn't make it :( May be next year. Now I have another match in my group on coming Thursday. I hope I wont miss this one as well.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Badminton tournament in weekend

On coming Sunday our office is arranging badminton single championship. I subscribed as a contestant there even though I know I won't do well here. I saw some guys really play well. As I told earlier I have joined badminton club in our office. I played only 2 matches. Those are the two days when I played badminton this year. Today was my second match. I won this one also but I can feel that I am not in good shape; lack of stamina, lack of accuracy. If the opponent is a good one I wouldn't be able to win at all. Luckily I haven't faced anybody good yet.

Now I am thinking should I really participate in the championship. I can feel that I am not in good shape. Moreover I am having problem to sleep at night. I didn't have sound sleep for many nights now which makes me weak and error prone while playing. It would be better if I could practice a bit more before the championship. May be I will participate if I can sleep well in coming 3 nights :)

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas gift

The duration of day is quite short these days. After 3 PM in the afternoon it became dark. Since I came to Finland I saw that almost all pedestrians wear some kinda reflector in winter. I didn't know the reason at first. Then I learned that it will save you from being run over by a car in dark winter :P It's quite difficult for a car driver to see a pedestrian if he/she wears black dresses and doesn't have any reflector. FYI, most people wear black dress in winter. Even after learning the necessity of reflector I never bought one, I was too lazy :P This time I got those as Christmas gift from one of my colleagues, Aila :)

Yesterday while I was wearing my black jacket before leaving office Aila asked me why don't I have reflector with my jacket. I said I don't have any. She smiled and said "you could run over by a car in this darkness". I laughed at her comment. Today when I came to work I found two new reflectors on my desk. I asked Aila whose things are those. She said it's a Christmas gift for me from her. Interestingly she added that she doesn't want anything in return. May be she thought I might think that she is binding me with the notion of "gift-giving-paradigm" :P I smiled and said "Thanks, I wont be run over by a car anymore :D". I am writing this post from office. I will leave after 45 minutes. I planned to wear one of those two reflectors today while going back home :) I am just thinking which one I should wear, Moomin or legard :-?

Here is my Christmas gift:

I already tore off the box of "Moomin" :D

Both are out now

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

1 month to go :)

It's 20 November, one full month to go to visit my home. Yes, I am going to visit my home, almost two and half years later. I reserved the flight on 20 December. It was 16 August, 2008 when I left Bangladesh. I wanted to have a visit there earlier several times but was not succeeded. This time I decided and didn't hesitate to buy the plane ticket. So now it's finalized and I am going exactly after one month for a four weeks vacation. Ahhhhh... home sweet home :)

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to everybody!!! This is the 6th eid I am having since I left home. I didn't want to spend my eid alone in this year but the situation didn't change. Fortunately I am in Oulu now in Gagan's house. So I am not spending this eid alone. In fact, since I came to Finland this is the first time I am passing this day with such close friends.

Me and Gagan got ready in the early morning for eid prayer. We didn't know the exact location and unfortunately we couldn't find the place :P So we returned home without participating in eid prayer. We took breakfast and after that we were having tea and gossiping. Shanila didn't go to school just because she didn't want to miss our gossip :P

Here are pictures with our traditional dress Panjabi :)

First picture after coming home

Now Gagan, nice panjabi, though weird hairstyle :P

Now together :)

In the balcony, snow all around :)

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Going to Oulu :)

I am going to have another trip in Oulu. Right now I am sitting in a Pendolino S 59 train and writing this post using the wi-fi of this high speed vehicle :) It's less than 2 months since I visited Oulu. This time Gagan and Shanila were supposed to come to Helsinki to my place but finally the plan changed and now I am on my way to their place. Hopefully this trip will also be a pleasant one as always, I know it will be :)

While sitting here and junk browsing I stumbled upon a poem by Charles Lamb. Wanna share 3 lines from that poem:

I loved a Love once, fairest among women:
Closed are her doors on me, I must not see her–
All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Snowfall followed by rain with heavy wind

Today it was snowing for quite a long time. It started around 2 PM and it lasted for more than 4 hours. It was a continuous snowfall. I was looking through the window while I was in the office. The streets are covered with white snow within an hour. I was thinking it would be difficult for me to walk to the train station from office.

When I came out of office at 7 PM it was not snowing anymore but it was raining heavily with heavy wind. It was so difficult to walk. It's like it's storming. When I reached the train station I was wet. I don't why didn't I bring out the umbrella from my bag. I enjoyed getting wet in raindrops.

Since I came home I was hearing sound of raindrops on my roof. It gave me feeling of my home country. I used to hear the sound of rain while I was there. It's very rare in Finland that you will be able to hear that. Usually the houses here are almost sound proof, even windows have two layers of glass. Looks like my present home is not like that. May be it is not well protected against cold. Today it seems nice because I was able to hear the nice sound of rain after a long time. At the same time I am bit worried how will it be when the temperature will be 20 degree below zero. Will this home protect me well enough from that damn cold? I hope it will :)

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Going to Stockholm: another vikingling trip

I am going to Stockholm today with two of my friends. Atique offered me this trip since he got a vikingline cabin ticket of Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki. Since it is in weekend I agreed to accompany him. We asked another friend, Wali, and he agreed to go as well. So we 3 guys are going to have a nice vikingline cruise trip :)

The ship will leave Helsinki at 17:30. It will reach in Stockholm tomorrow at 09:40. We will be in Stockholm the whole day. I don't know yet what will we do in Stockholm. We didn't contact anybody there. It's kinda instant trip, so we don't want to plan earlier :) We will leave Stockholm at 16:45 tomorrow and will reach Helsinki on Monday at 09:55. I like sea and ship (much more love for yacht). So I hope the trip will be nice and enjoyable :)

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Signaling in core network - MSS

I participated in a training course named signaling in core network - Mobile Soft-switch Solution. The duration of the course was 3 long days. It started on Monday and finished today. Everyday it used to start at 9 o'clock in the morning and continued until 4 PM. It was quite extensive course, lots of information for 3 days. Moreover, I didn't have enough knowledge of basic mobile network signaling which made it even more difficult for me. But now I got some information about signaling. To me, the best part of the training was nice breakfast in the morning and snacks in the afternoon :D The fresh breakfast sandwich and afternoon pulla (sweet Finnish bun) were really delicious :)

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joined Ericsson badminton club

Since I left Tampere, my sports activity lessened to a great extent. Moreover, I had many problems all around. I have been thinking to start sport activities to recover from mental agony as well as to maintain physical fitness. That is why I contacted the responsible guy for Ericsson badminton club and became a member last week. Good that the new round started from this week.

Today was my first match. We went to the sports hall straight from work. My opponent gave me a ride. He is also a new person who, as he said, hasn't been playing badminton for 10 years. So I didn't have any problem to win today. I won all 3 matches of best of three set. It took only 20 minutes to finish the match. Since the reservation is for one hour we continued as long as we had time. It was a good exercise. I sweated a lot also. It was quite refreshing playing badminton for an hour after a long time. Hopefully I will have one game every week.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Just finished Harry Potter

For last few weeks I have been watching Harry Potter movies. Surprisingly I couldn't manage to watch any of Harry Potter movie earlier. I put those in my watch list for a long time. This time I have downloaded all six (1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, 2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, 3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and 6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ) and started watching from the beginning.

All the episodes are around more or less two and half hours. So it took me many days to finish. Actually I watched it slowly because I wanted to have something in my hand to watch :P I liked the first one most. As Harry and his friends started getting older I kinda started liking them lesser and lesser. Still it's a very nice sequel and recommended for anybody from my part :)

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Friday, October 15, 2010

First snow of the year

Here comes the snow again :( Well, I like snow but for sure I don't like excessively long winter. Today around 3 PM, while I was working in office, suddenly one of my colleagues said "ohhh, it's snowing". We have a huge window beside our team. We looked through it and found that it was really snowing. It is very light snow because the temperature was 3 degree. It lasted only for 10 minutes. This year it is earlier than the previous two years I have been in Finland. It reminds me that the long cold winter is coming, dull days are ahead of me, and last but not least, I cannot roam around in streets for a long time anymore for the next 6 months :( I just hope winter will be followed by a nice summer next year.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Innovation session

Today we had an interesting innovation event in our team. Our innovation coach, Peter, arranged this session. It was actually playing a game together. To him, you need to think a bit out of the box to innovate, and this game helps people to think out of the box.

We, 8 persons (7 team members and our manager), gathered together in a conference room at 9 O'clock in the morning. Peter gave us a short speech about the session at the beginning and then we started playing game. The name of the game is Karoshi. It is developed in Japan. In Japanese language Karoshi means DEATH FROM OVERWORK. The objective of the game is to kill yourself. In every stage you have to find out a way to do so. Some of the stages are really puzzling, you have to think a lot to figure out the way to kill yourself. And, when you figure out the way, you will just say YESSSSSSSSSS. At least that's what I was hearing in the conference room today. There were people aged from 28-58 but everybody expressed joy when he/she figured it out.

It was a two hours session, it was fun. To me, this kinda session adds team spirit to people. I liked the game also, at least it makes your brain think to solve something which you might like :) If somebody wants to try it, here is the link for online flash version which is not good as the desktop version but you can at least try to see how it is :)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Casino experience

Today, at the end of office hours, my colleague, Peter, told me he and his wife is going to Helsinki downtown to have dinner followed by casino trip. If I want to come I can join them. I noticed earlier today that he was looking for table reservation in a restaurant website. A restaurant where you have to reserve a table earlier obviously will be expensive. I was hesitating but finally I decided to join them.

Around 05:30 PM we got out of office. Peter picked her wife from home and then we headed towards Helsinki. We reached the restaurant, Elite, around 7 PM. It is small but cozy. We were guided to our reserved table. When the menu came I realized that it is expensive. I took smoked reindeer and grilled chicken which cost me 35 euros :( They served different kinds of bread, butter, juice and milk. I liked the reindeer but the grilled chicken was just ordinary. Nevertheless, we had our stomach full. After dinner, we went to this casino called Grand Casino.

The Grand Casino is just in the heart of down town in a big building. While entering, I didn't have to show my passport in the reception since I have my Finnish ID card now in my wallet. Peter has a permanent membership in that casino, so he can offer his friends to have a membership card for a year only for 2 euros. I just took the chance. They took my photograph and gave me 1 year membership card.

We sat on a couch and relaxing but since I entered into the building I wanted to walk around. I just told Peter and we started walking. We went to the slot machine section first. Peter's wife Niken played for 5 euros but she didn't win anything. Then Peter put 20 more euros and spin the machine for 5 mins and he got 30 euros. From that machine he took the receipt and went to another machine and put that receipt there. He played 10 minutes in this machine and finally when he took the receipt i saw 44 euros. So, he make 19 euros in 15 minutes. I was wondering.

I was not much interested about slot machine games. I was looking for the place where people are playing poker, blackjack and roulette with real chips. From the slot machine game section we went to that place where people were playing those.

I stood beside a poker table for a while and I even saw the pot goes over 300 euros when only 2 persons are there and everybody else folded. I was excited to see it in front of my eyes. After standing there for around 10 minutes the dealer was looking at me with a suspicious look, so we just left that table. We stand beside a blackjack table as well but there was only one guy playing against the dealer and he was playing kinda stupid (according to Peter's opinion), so we just left. Then we went to a roulette table. Peter bought 10 chips for 20 euros and suddenly gave me 3 of the chips and told me to put those. I said I don't know the rule of roulette. He told me just to put the chips randomly. The girl already started rolling the wheel. Peter and Niken already put the 7 chips. I just choose prime numbers and put my chips on 17, 19 and 23. When the wheel stopped and the ball fell into one pot ( well, I didn't see it by myself, I was still rattled to get those chips to play ) I heard the girl saying 19. Peter looked at me, laughed and said CHEERS. I didn't get what was happening. I just saw that the girl gave me 34 new chips from her bank ( I don't know what it is really called :P ). Peter split those chips, saved most of those, each of us took 3 chips again and put those in place. This time one of Niken's chip won which she put in between two numbers. So she got 17 new chips. Again Peter split the chips to save most of those and 3 chips again for each of us. This time I put on 3, 11 and in the middle of 7 & 8. When the wheel stopped the girl said 7. This time I got 17 chips again. At that time Peter said let's stop here. He just returned all the chips we won and the girl gave us a single 100 euro chip. OMG, we just played for 5 minutes and we won 80 euros. I couldn't believe it. Peter was laughing and saying "that is called beginner's luck". Peter went to the cash booth and changed the chip. He was telling me that we need to split it. I didn't want to because I didn't buy the chips. It's him who bought the chips and borrowed me 3. Moreover, I didn't have any intention to play. But still he insisted and gave me 20 euros.

We were walking around for few more minutes and then we left. It was quite fun to go there for an experience. I was so eager to take some pictures inside the casino but Peter said it might not be allowed, so I couldn't. It would be nice if I could share some pictures from there.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Few facts about myself

11 days back I passed my birthday. I turned 28 on that day. This post should be written on that day but it didn't came to my mind at that time. It just came to my mind today and I want to write it here. I am going to point out 28 facts about myself. I will try my level best to be neutral.

28. Eamon is a neat and clean person. He likes his house (specially kitchen and toilet) clean always.

27. He likes to cook. He tries new dishes from time to time.

26. Eamon has a bald in the middle of his head.

25. He is slender but has a slight fat around his belly and waist.

24. He has nice shoulder and chest, just a bit workout and those would be awesome.

23. Eamon is punctual. He keeps time if he gives any.

22. He keeps promise if he made any.

21. He likes to buy gift for people whom he likes.

20. He loves to amaze people with surprise.

19. Eamon likes to analyze human character.

18. He is annoyingly strict. Sometimes people just hate him for that.

17. He never shouts to other even if he is very angry.

16. When he gets very angry or became so irritated to somebody, he stops talking to him/her.

15. Eamon can catch the tune of any song very easily, but, since his voice is not so good he cannot sing it well.

14. He is tactless. If he doesn't like something he says it straight. Sometimes he tells it very harsh and people just don't like him for that. He can hardly tell sweet words.

13. He maintains formal socialization but doesn't like it much.

12. He likes English movies and humorous tv series like "The Big Bang Theory".

11. He doesn't like to show his sorrow to others, he usually buries it within himself.

10. He doesn't face any problem to talk to new people, but doesn't get intimate soon.

9. He loves his family, specially his mom, so much.

8. He hates it when he hurts others' feeling but he does it frequently.

7. His luck doesn't usually favor him.

6. Eamon is kinda lazy about educational stuffs.

5. When he says "I LOVE YOU", he means it.

4. He likes to walk around.

3. He loves rain.

2. People like him if they get closer to him, otherwise not.

1. Eamon loves himself more than anything.

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Probation period is over

I didn't notice that the probation period in my new job is over with the end of September. This morning I remembered that it's already October and so I am not in probation period anymore. It made me feel a bit better after being so down in last couple of days.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Early winter this year

Looks like winter is coming earlier than usual this year. This afternoon I saw many trees with yellow leaves when I went out for a walk after being bored in home. I noticed that many trees lost many leaves already. It's only the second week of October and winter is showing her arrival signs in nature. I don't remember about last year but last last year it was November when I saw this kind of change in nature. I also heard from Gagan that this year it might be the coldest winter in 1000 years. They say if the winter is very cold, the next summer gonna be a very nice one. Still I wish if I could postpone the arrival of winter this early. It's difficult to stuck inside home for 24 hours alone. I wish winter will give me at least one more month before shackled me in home.

Trees look nice in afternoon sun while the leaves are yellow.

Few trees are totally out of green leaf.

Just in front of my home, lot's of fallen leaves.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nice weekend with few Tamperelainen

It was last weekend when few Tamperelainen came to visit my place in Kirkkonummi. In total four guys came from Tampere, two of them, Saad and Rubel came on Friday night and the other two, Tareq vi and sagor came on Saturday early morning. Wali, who previously lived in Tampere but started living in Helsinki since September, received Saad and Rubel on Friday night and came to my home with them. I fetched them from Kirkkonummi railway station around 12 O'clock at night. We took dinner and started playing cards. We continued until 0330 am and then went to sleep.

The next morning Tareq vi and Sagor were on their way to Helsinki. We agreed previously that we would meet them in Helsinki railway station. We took our breakfast and prepared some sandwiches for our lunch and then started our journey to Helsinki to meet the other two guys. We reached Helsinki around 10 am and they were waiting for us in McDonalds. We bought the daily ticket for everybody and started walking towards the harbor since we planned to go to Sumenlinna island.

On the way to harbor there is one nice park and two nice churches. We took few pictures in the park and then went to the white church. I haven't been there previously. It is a very nice church. In the yard in front of the church they put many statue of bears, each represents a country. We took pictures in front of the one representing Bangladesh. Then we entered into the church to have a look inside. Here goes few pictures.

In the train, on the way going to Helsinki.

This is the nice park, there are many statues like that.

From the yard of white church.

Closer shot

Scattered on the stairs

In front of the bear representing Bangladesh

Information about that bear

Half of the bears from the stairs

Another closer look at the white church

Inside the white church

Nice picture inside

The other side

From this white church we went to another one, a Russian church. This one looks very old but nice though. We couldn't enter into this one because the gate was closed. Here is the picture of this one.

The Russian church

White church from the terrace of Russian church.

From there we went to harbor to get the ferry. Unfortunately we missed the ferry for 5 minutes. The next one was after an hour. So we had nothing to do but wait. So we just roam around in the open market beside the harbor, looked at different things and ate fried fish. Finally the next ferry came and we got into it. It was around 15 minutes journey in ferry to reach the island. The weather was really nice. We visited different places in the island and took lots of pictures. We took our lunch on a rocky shore. We were in the island for more than 3 hours. We came back in the same ferry. Few pictures from the island are here.

Eating fried fish in the open market before going to Sumenlinna

The ferry

The entrance of the island

A church in the island

On the bridge near the museum of the island

Another picture from the bridge

A cave

I don't know what it is but looks good

Another side of the island

The second top place of the beach

This bird looks so real if you look suddenly but it's made of concrete.

Another nice view

I have no idea about this :P

A panaroma in one part of the island

Protection bridge near sea

Just a gate

Sat there to take lunch

Couldn't help taking a picture with that :P

After coming from Sumenlinna, we roam around in the downtown and then decided to go to Vuosari beach. We took metro to go there. It is located on one edge of Helsinki. We were in the beach for an hour and then came back to Helsinki again by metro. Few pictures from afternoon:

The metro station

Inside the metro

The pathway to go to the beach

Vuosari beach

Rocky protection in the beach

We went to Wali's place to take dinner. We met some friends there who are studying in Aalto university. Then around 11 O'clock at night 6 of us came back to my place. We gossiped and played poker for a long time and slept very late again.

The next day we didn't go to visit any specific place. We roam around Kirkkonummi city center for a while in the morning and had some grocery. Tareq vi and Sagor were supposed to leave in the afternoon but Saad and Rubel were telling them to stay and everybody will leave at night around 9 O'clock. At first Tareq vi was reluctant to agree but finally he agreed. But, at night Saad and Rubel said that it's already night, so better spend the night and then leave the next day when I will go to work. We were laughing but finally everybody agreed to stay for Sunday night also. The next morning all of us left together. I went to work and they started their journey towards Tampere.

After a long time we guys gathered together and do things like this. It's very rare to get this kinda chance. All of us enjoyed it much. Thanks to those four Tamperelainen for coming to my place this far and also to Wali to give us time. After they left I started missing good old Tampere life again :( I am hoping to visit Tampere soon.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A day full of events ended with "3 minutes in -110 degree"

The day started with late-wake-up. I was in a hurry to catch the 0859 train. I just walked so fast and managed to get into it on time. When I reached the office the review for last sprint has been started already. I joined right away. After 30 minutes of review the planning meeting for next sprint started. It was a long meeting. After half way we had lunch break and had subway sandwich with the whole team. Actually it was arranged by Peter, he picked those sandwich in the morning for the whole team.

The planning meeting continued after the lunch. At around 1200 we just took an hour break. At that time I accompanied Peter while he was going to Kirkkonummi center because I needed to pick my Finnish ID card from police office and visa electron card from Bank. I got the ID card without any problem.

Unfortunately I didn't get the visa electron card. It's not yet ready to deliver. The lady said she will send it to my home tomorrow. We came back to the office and continued our planning meeting. There were many misunderstanding but finally, I think, we managed to come up with a good plan for the next sprint.

In the afternoon I heard that Peter is going to cold sauna today. I heard about it earlier. It is staying in a room for 3 minutes in -110 degree Celsius temperature. I was quite amazed how can a person can survive in that low temperature for 3 minutes. Today I just wanted to experience this thing. I was not quite sure if I can really survive for 3 minutes but I wanted to see. So I went with Peter after work.

Actually we, 5 colleagues, went there. It's a luxurious hotel. They have this service. We had to sign a paper with all our address and contact information (may be because bad things may happen anytime) before starting. Then they gave us woolen socks, rubber shoes, woolen gloves and woolen earmuffs. We were only in shorts and just put on those things that they gave us. After getting ready, they were giving us instruction how to move the body continuously and how to ask for help if somebody feels dizzy or sick. After the instruction the girl opened the door and let us enter the room. It was full of white smoke, may be nitrogen gas or whatever which made us totally blind and OMG, it was damn cold. Damn unbelievable cold. Within few seconds my nose became numb. We were moving our legs continuously. After one minute the girl announced "1 minute" and asked if everybody alright. Everybody said yes. From the very beginning of second minute my nose was totally frozen and my eyes were getting frozen as well. I was scared and I just closed my eyes totally and didn't opened until I came out of that room. Peter was continuously shouting to make fun but I was not in a situation to enjoy the fun. The girl announced "2 minutes" and asked again if everybody is alright. I wanted to say I want to go out but finally controlled myself and said I am OK. The third minute was ticking. I was stamping my feet on the floor and counting. It was getting unbearable. Every second seems so long. My ear was waiting for the announcement from that girl but it seemed that she was not going to announce it ever. My thighs were getting numb and I was having hard time to move my feet. My elbow was kinda frozen and I was afraid to straighten my hand. I couldn't think of anything else but the announcement from that girl. I almost asked for help and at that moment the girl announced "3 minutes". She opened the door and we came out of the room. It seemed that somebody just put fire on my nose. It was hard like ice. I was even afraid to touch it thinking that it might break. My eyes were teary, I couldn't see well. The girl took us to a salt room full of easy chair. We sat there to relax. My nose was still burning like hell. Peter told me to move it a bit. I started touching it and the burning was lessening. It took almost 15 mins to get some feeling on my nose. We were in the salt room for 20 minutes. After that we just dressed up and left. It was an experience for lifetime even though very difficult to endure :)

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another birthday passed

Today was my birthday. Just passed another year of my life. It's kinda special day for me, not only for my birthday but for some other reason also. Well, the day did not go so nice. I had lots of problems in my work. Nothing was working properly for me. I had to struggle a lot with my working environment which is so annoying. But the good part of the day is, one of my colleagues, Aila, gave me a center table today and it's quite nice. Moreover, while coming back from work I decided to go to shop and buy my own gift. Actually I bought not just one, but two board games for me. One of those are for multiple purposes, you will get six different games inside that. At least I got some gifts :)

The table and my own gifts :)

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Room orientation changed

Yesterday I got the sofa in my home and today after coming from office I just changed the orientation of my room. Let's have a look at the new orientation of my room :)

The sofa is just in front of the bed now, separating bed room and living room :P

The cabinet comes nearer to the pc table :)

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