Sunday, February 27, 2011

Events from home: part 2

So here goes the second part of the home events. It was a long overdue plan. Finally this time we were able to execute it. We gathered on one of our friends roof top, cooked biriyani and grilled chicken for dinner. We had great chit-chat and fun. Most of us stayed in our friend's home on that night. We had almost whole night of playing cards and gossip. Let's have a look at some pictures of that night :)

Start marinating the mutton

Processing going on :)

Preparing the stove for cooking

Necessary stuffs for grilling

The stove is ready to use :)

Razib is preparing the chicken to grill

The mutton is being cooked

Marinating the chicken with spices

The burning coal for the grill

The chicken pieces are placed

Two guys preparing salad

Half cooked chicken

Gossiping in the middle

The chicken is ready

Close shot, Looks yummy :D

Having adda

Me, cooking the biriyani

Everything is done, just gossiping before start eating

The dinner started :)

Looks good, right?

Busy with delicious food :D

After dinner lighting cigarette in a funny way :P

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Events from home: part 1

This is going to be the post for the events during my stay in Dhaka for 4 weeks. I don't know if there will be a part 2 but let's see. On 14 January we went to Baliati Jomidar Bari at Manikganj. The trip was sponsored by Razib as a celebration of his cheque from Google Adsense. We were 12 in number. It was a nice trip. I want to share few pictures here. Let's have a look at the pictures :)

Inside the car, the journey started :)

Sitting in the front row, me and Shishire

Nice highway

The Sponsor and his girl friend. Well that hat is mine :P

I short break on the way and having tea from road side shop

Baliati Jomidar Bari, from outside

Another shot from outside

Yet another shot :)

In front of the main building

The main building

Another shot of the buildings

Yet another shot

A small pond in the middle

3 IUTians, Me, Shishire and Tasnim. why do I look so sad? :-S

Ora 10 jon :)

Now, ora 11 jon :)

Couple-1, Tunnu & Munni

Couple-2, Rana & Shumi

Tuuki :P

3 IUTians again

Looks like hallway

3 Statues :)

We are together

Another one

Fun :)

I don't remember what exactly happened at that time. But look at the grins in everybody's face :D

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Panjabi day at work :)

We had a panjabi day at work today. It was our sprint planning day. Peter and me attened our planning meeting wearing panjabi and we were wearing it until the end of the day. Let me tell you the whole story.

While coming back from Dhaka this time, I brought a panjabi for Peter and a fotua for his wife, Nicken. I gave those to him on last Sunday. Looks like they liked the dress. On that night he sent me a mail telling that how about two of us wearing this dress in office to surprise everybody. I agreed and we selected the sprint planning day to be blessed which was today :)

We arrived at work in normal outfit like jeans and shirt. Our daily scrum meeting is at 10 O'clock. At 9:55 our product owner and our scrum master came to our team space. Peter and me left the team space, found some quiet place in terrace, put on the panjabi over our shirt and came back. Everybody was looking at us with a strange look. Our product owner and scrum master were smiling. Aila screamed what it is. Peter answered it is our sprint planning uniform :P Everybody laughed :D

After the daily we discussed about our upcoming user stories and then we tried to spit the work in many stickers. We finished around 11 O'clock and I proposed to have lunch somewhere outside. Everybody agreed to go to a chinese restaurant. I wanted to take my panjabi off but Peter said "hey it's for the entire day", so we went to lunch in that dress :) When we reached at the restaurant people were looking at Peter mostly, not me becuase I look like asian but he doesn't. We finished our lunch and came back at 01:30 PM. Peter went to some shop to buy some of his building stuffs. I went to the sprint planning meeting with other teams straight and I was the only one there in this unusual dress among 15 people. Everybody was looking at me. Feeling a bit embarrassed I sent a text to Peter telling "Don't you dare change your dress before coming to the meeting room". Well, he came 15 miinutes later and I got relief because he didn't change. Now people are smiling looking at him and me again and again. It was fun :)

The good thing is I didn't forget to take picture of us in this dress. I am sharing two pictures here for you to see how did we look in the office today :P

The reason why Peter put his hands like that is he wanted to look spiritual in the picture :P

Behind the high table in team space

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