Thursday, April 26, 2007

At last a new project

yesterday i was assigned to a new project of our company. Ahhhhh.... at last. Before that I was working in several projects but those are old- running in client side. May be some modification or problem solving. But this is the first time I am assigned to a totally new project that has been started from today. So I will be a part of it from the very beginning :)

Aarong, a very popular shop having many branches over the country, is gonna issue Loyalty card for their regular customers. Before I was thinking how many customers Aarong has?? not so many... but now I know they have hell lot of customers all over the country. My project manager said well..."There are many women in Gulshan & Dhanmondi whose first work after getting up from sleep in every morning is going to Aarong and shopping for 2-3 thousand taka :)". Aarong is very much willing to give some extra benefits to these customers :) They will get the Loyalty card after crossing a particular amount of buy. After that they can gain points in every penny they spend in any Aarong shop. Afterwards they will be benefitted based on those collected points.

Currently Aarong is using one software to manage their sales. That was also delivered by our company. Now this new one will be implemented along with the old one. Anyway... the analysis of the new project is going on... May be we two(me & sadia) will be asked to propose a database design after the analysis is done. Feeling good to have a new project :) :) :)

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hats off to potato crackers & ‘puri’ but….

I was in the bus on the way of home after my work. The bus was very much crowded. It was slightly raining so all the windows of the bus were closed and it was so hot inside the bus.

There was a woman along with her nagging kid(age may be 3). Suddenly the kid started crying. I thought the kid was feeling discomfort with the hot environment of the bus. So I requested the woman to open the window beside her and she did so because the rain stopped by that time. But the kid kept on crying and I heard that he was asking for ‘muri’ or ‘puri’ (two local foods). Everyone was very much annoyed by the kid. I thought if I had some cookies or something else in my bag I would give him. Right at that moment one person gave the kid a cookie from his bag :) I thought ahhhhh… the kid will be quiet getting that cookie. But everyone noticed amazingly that he did not stop. He even did not take it from his mom. Then another person gave a bottle of water to the woman to give the kid. But the kid did not drink a single drop of water. He was crying and crying. He had been crying for almost half an hour.

Again it started raining. This time heavy rain…. cats and dogs. Some people got off from the bus in a stoppage. There was a heavy traffic jam at that time. Suddenly a man from outside the bus knocked the window beside the woman. The woman opened the window and the man gave her one packet of potato crackers(made by Bombay sweets), told her to give it to the kid and disappeared. That man was in the bus awhile ago. He bought it for the kid after getting off the bus. The woman was embarrassed by the situation and looked a bit shy. She gave the cracker to the kid n the kid stopped crying. Everyone in the bus was smiling. Hats off to potato crackers :)

The bus was still in the traffic jam. Suddenly we heard a voice at the gate of the bus. A man was saying “where is that boy that wanted to eat puri??” We saw with a great surprise that the man holding a packet of 5 ‘puri’ in his hand. He just passed the packet cause he could not get inner side of the bus because he was totally wet to get those ‘puri’. The boy hold one ‘puri’ in his hand and we saw a cute smile on his face. Hats off to ‘puri’ too :)

That man got off from the bus just to bring the ‘puri’ for the kid. He had to go at least 150 yards in that heavy rain to get those things. I became jealous of that kid. I wish I were that kid. I felt my sight became hazy. Still there are such kinda nice people exist on this earth. Hats off to potato crackers…hats off to ‘puri’… but what should we off for those nice people???

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The first rain of the year

When I wake up this morning I found the weather extremely nice. It was slightly raining. Aha… is it the first rain of the year? No, it’s not. Then why the title of my post is like that? Coz I felt the rain from my heart for the first time in this year :) This year this is the first time I enjoyed the rain sooooo much and that’s why this is the first rain for me this year :)

The rain stopped within few minutes. But cold gentle breeze was blowing. I was out for my work. Sitting in the bus I found how sweet was the weather today!!! Ahhhhh… I wish I were in home today… laying on my bed… enjoying the nice environment…. holding a novel by my hand… reading 1 page and look outside… few minutes later reading 2 more pages and again look outside the window… passing my time just like that… ahhhhhhhh.

But I was not laying in my bed in my home :( rather I was in the bus… very much crowded… I was going to my work… I will be there until 6 pm :( and there is no way to see the rain through the window or feel the cold wind on my body :( :( :(

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

I met an old friend after 13 years :)

13 years… it’s a loooooooooong time. I met one of my school friends from grade 3 & 4 after 13 years on 29 March, 2007. I spent 2 years (grade 3 & 4) in “Precadet Institute and High School”. That was one of my very best times of student life. I got some good friends in that 2 years who are still with me. But I had no connection with the person I am talking about in this post for last 13 years. Her name is Cinthia.

I was going to my office in the morning. While I was going to queue up after taking the ticket I saw a girl at the beginning of the queue that seems very familiar to me. I stopped in front of her and told her “If I did not make any mistake then you are Cinthia”. She was surprised. After few seconds she recognized me. She came at the end of the queue with me. We took our seats together and had a long chat while we were in the bus.

There was nothing stunning… nothing was so strange but the feeling of meeting a friend after soooo long time is really really very different :)

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Friday, April 6, 2007

My first withdrawal from ATM booth

In January of 2007 I opened a bank account in DBBL (Dutch Bangla Bank Limited) coz gagan told me to open a bank account. They gave me an ATM card. I have some money in my account not so much :D I did not use ATM card earlier. Few days ago I wanted to use my ATM card for withdrawing some money. Actually I did not need money at that time but I wanted to see how it works :D Those who know me well are aware about that, how I am amazed with the advancement of latest technology. Most of the latest technologies surprise me.

It was 20 March, 2007. After my work I went to the ATM booth of Mohakhali, nearest to my office. I entered into the ATM booth, take my card out of my wallet n place it in the right place. Then I was asked for my pin code. While I was entering my pin code I saw my fingers shaking a bit. But I entered it correctly twice :D Then I select withdrawal n entered the amount of money. I entered 2000 n then there was a humming sound inside the ATM machine. I started to be amazed earlier. After few seconds (may be 10) 2000 tk came out from the machine. I saw there were 3 500 tk notes and 5 100 tk notes. Now I know that if I don take the money within 1 minutes then the ATM machine will swallow my money. So I took the money at once. But now if I don take the card in 1 minutes then it will swallow my card also. So I took the card also. I was in a hurry. After that a transaction sheet came out from the ATM machine. I also took that.

Now I have 4 things in my hand – my wallet, money, ATM card and the transaction sheet. Then I found difficulties to manage those 4 things. At first I hold my money by my lips and try to put the card in my wallet but its difficult to hold 8 notes with lips. So I changed my decision. I put the transaction sheet in my shirt’s pocket, hold my card with my lips n then put my money in my wallet. Then I put my card in my wallet and went out of the ATM booth. I took a deep breath ahhhhh….. I have done it well :D

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A trip to Podda River (The Padma)

It was 10 of March, 2007. Including me, we 6 friends, went to the river Podda(The Padma) for celebrating my new job. I thought several times to post about it but could not somehow.

The journey began from our home. We went to Gulistan. Then from Gulistan to Mawa Ghat by bus then cross the river by launch. At the time of return we cross the river by speed boat. It took 1 hour by launch but only 20 minutes by speed boat. But I prefer launch :)

We are in a rickshaw on the way of Gulistan We are in a rickshaw on the way of Gulistan

In the bus In the bus

Reached the Mawa Ghat Reached the Mawa Ghat

There are so many speed boat ... but those are very costly (1200 tk per hour) There are so many speed boat ... but those are very costly (1200 tk per hour)

On the launch deck On the launch deck

Razib at the tip of the launch :) Razib at the tip of the launch :)

The day was so bright and sunny The day was so bright and sunny

This old man caught our eyes This old man caught our eyes

Me with shujon, khalid & Jashim Me with shujon, khalid & Jashim

After crossing the river .... the other side .... the name is peculier ... VANGA (in english BROKEN)After crossing the river .... the other side .... the name is peculier ... VANGA (in english BROKEN)

all of us are there except razib... he was taking the picture :D all of us are there except razib... he was taking the picture :D

On the speed boat.... at the time of return .. hey hey don look at my bald head On the speed boat.... at the time of return .. hey hey don look at my bald head

We took our lunch in a food shop of Mawa Ghat.The food was good :D menu was also good :DWe took our lunch in a food shop of Mawa Ghat.The food was good :D menu was also good :D
We took fish items cause fish are very fresh there.We took elish fish – 20 tk (isnt it so cheap :-? ) aier fish – 40 tk (not so cheap as elish but still cheap n very tasty) vegetables n dal.

After taking lunch we came back and sweet trip came to an end :)

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