Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Glow golf

I have experienced indoor glow golf lately. It was a cheap offer from flamingo and I grabbed it. I also asked Wali and Muna if they are interested to go and they said yes. So we four people(me, Sharmin, Wali and Muna) went to experience it for the first time :)

The place is quite far from our home. Good that Wali took his car and we just jumped in :) It was near Vantaa airport. We reached there on time, well before noon. We started right away. There were 15 obstacles of different types and different difficulty levels. It took us 1.5 hours to finish all of them. Looks like my golf precision is better than others, so I won. Sharmin was next to me, then Wali and then Muna. The most important thing is everybody liked it :)

We also had lunch in Hesburger after the game. It was also a very nice day, bright and sunny. A long drive, playing golf and dining out made it a perfect weekend day :)

Here are couple of pictures in front of the golf place:

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