Tuesday, March 29, 2011

70 years old guy surprised me

I had a badminton match today at 1630 and my opponent was a 70 years old guy. He had been working in Ericsson for 27 years and retired 13 years back but he is still playing badminton as a club member. At first I didn't know any of these information. Seeing him I thought he is around 55. While playing the first game I had to work hard to win. After the game I asked him, while panting like hell, how old is he. At that moment I came to know about him. I was so surprised, such an old guy competing with me quite well. I managed to win the match but I had to work hard for every point I achieved. He played with me for the whole hour and it seems that after an hour I am more exhausted then he is. How can he be so strong in this age? :-S I wanted to know more about this guy but he can't speak English at all. I had to extract all the information with my very little knowledge of Finnish language :-)

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Peter's last day at work

Today is Peter's last day at work. We had a farewell party for him. Around 25 people came to the small arrangement. Peter came with 20 balloons of different colors filled up with Helium. He gave one balloon to each of the first twenty persons who came to the party. There was champagne, a big cake and coffee. We had funny gossip, well it's always funny when Peter is around. We spend almost an hour there. All the people passing the terrace was looking at us because we were holding colorful balloons in our hands. Everybody put his/her balloon in own team space. In our team we put it with our high table. I didn't miss the chance to take picture with peter standing behind that table. I will still see him either in his home or my home or outside but for sure I am gonna miss him during office hours :(

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Going to start with a new team

Last two weeks was really different at work. Many changes took place - people were leaving, organizational structure was changing, teams were being restructured and so on. I was also inside the scope. In the end I have been offered an opportunity to work with another team. The new team is going to work with Radio Network. I still don't have the big picture but everybody said it's good to work there because it's the main focus area these days. So next week I am going to shift to the new team and from the beginning of April I will start working there. I would obviously miss my old team mates. Good that I would sit near by, so I can visit them quite often :)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Survived from getting sacked

It's been two months now that Ericsson is negotiating with the union about the possible lay off of employees in Finland. The negotiation ended last week. It was a successful negotiation from employees' point of view in a sense that the number reduced to 37 from 90. Today was the big day to let all the employees know the final decision.

The environment was very awkward since this morning. People gathered in small groups in the terrace and were talking to each other. Everybody was tensed what was going to happen. The bosses started talking with people from 10 O'clock. I got call from my boss around 1 PM. Luckily I survived means I didn't get sacked. Unfortunately two guys from our team has been sacked and one of them is Peter :( I am not worried about Peter. He is competent enough to find a good job within few months. But I feel really bad about it. Peter has been my closest friend in the office for several months now. We used to work together, have fun together and most importantly share the events of our lives which is very unlikely for a Finnish guy. I can't be happy today because Peter is leaving and I am gonna miss him terribly in the office. I am loosing another very good friend. People I like are getting away from me one by one. It doesn't matter whether it's intentional or inevitability, the fact is I am loosing them :(

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Steak night

I just wanted to make some steak in home and I gave a try. I bought the beef for steak. It was already marinated. I just had to fry it home. It looks quite good but not very tasty as I expected. Nevertheless, a late night supper with this steak was nice :)

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