Friday, July 29, 2011

Came back to Finland

I came back to Finland after my 13 days' long trip yesterday. I traveled 8 countries (Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, France and Germany) in this 13 days. Italy was not in our list previously but due to the unavailability of train we had to drop by Italy. I was extremely exhausted after my trip. Since yesterday I have been sleeping quite a lot but I think I still need few more days' rest to regain my energy, another vacation would be even better :P Unfortunately I have to start working from Monday :( Anyway, I enjoyed the trip, it was an experience of lifetime. I decided to write single post in my blog for each country. I don't know when I will start. Hopefully very soon :)

I wanted to share one song which is linked to this trip. I listened to it at the very beginning of the trip and continued during the whole trip even though it is about the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Here is the song:

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crazy trip starts today

Our crazy trip is going to start today. We will take the 17:30 train from Kirkkonummi to Turku. Our flight to Budapest is from Turku at 22:25. Gagan and Shanila came to my home last night. We arranged everything until 3 O'clock in the morning and then went to sleep. Lot of things to prepare because it's a 12 days trip and 7 countries in total. Finally the day came and it is beginning now. I feel excited. This is special for several reasons:

i. First ever summer vacation in Finland
ii. First summer in Finland when I am not mentally stressed out
iii. First ever Euro trip (crazy one as they said)
iv. First flight with Gagan and Shanila
v. First train journey with Gagan and Shanila.

I hope we can make best use of everything. Friends!!! wish me luck :)

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