Monday, September 21, 2009

Cleaning up for Eid

Its been my practice to have a haircut before eid day. This time I am having my third(last year 1 eidul fitr & 1 eidul azha) eid in Finland and as always I had a haircut. This time not in any ordinary salon, rather it is Eamon's Hair Dresser :D Yes I had the haircut of my own.

Its difficult to cut your own hair, mostly the back side of head where you cannot see. I did a blunder on the back side but its not much visible. So it is just ok. Let's have a look at myself :P

Monday, September 14, 2009

First exam in the new academic year

Today I have appeared in the first exam of the new academic year 2009-2010. The exam was on Introduction to Object Oriented Programming. The exam was not so well I guess. I made some silly mistakes as always. I hope I can still get some better grade. Just wish me luck.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Experience skype

I used skype several times before but I am not a regular user of it. I used it while I was working in BordingVista. I also used it in my home back in Dhaka to transfer some file since I knew skype is really good in file transferring. When I came to Finland, I found skype is popular in Europe. European people like skype than yahoo messenger. Yahoo messenger became so heavy these days. I don't know why it occupies hell lot of memories. Recently I heard that skype has a new feature called screen sharing in its 4.1 version. Sometimes I need to operate some remote pc and I thought to try skype for it. But skype's screen sharing is just continuous screen shot of the remote pc, you cannot have the control privilege. I was kinda disappointed but then I just tried the voice call and video conference in skype and it was really astounding. It seems I am talking landline-to-landline phone in the same city and the cam was like a movie, so smooth. I am so convinced and satisfied with the performance of skype. From now on, I will use skype regularly and I think I will try to shift to skype from yahoo messenger slowly, for sure it will take time.

Those who wants to try it, can download from here.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brownout in Finland :-O

This afternoon around half past three, while using my laptop, suddenly the monitor's display dimmed and I lost the internet connection. I looked at the internet hub and found that it's out of power and then I noticed that my laptop is running on battery. I was so amazed. I put my room light on and it did not lit. Now I am really amazed. This is happening for the first time during my 1 year stay here in Tampere. The power was off. I don't know the reason but it was a long brownout in the context of Finland. It was off for almost 20 minutes. I had nothing to do but lying on my bed during that time. This was one of the few times that I was in bed not for sleeping. Yea its true; while being in my room most of the time I am just on my chair sitting before my laptop watching or doing something.

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