Friday, September 12, 2008

Our iftar these days

Before ramadan starts I was a bit tensed how my iftar would be this year. Throughout this month I enjoy iftar most. After the whole day fasting it gives me tremendous pleasure when I take the first sip from the glass of lemonade. I thought these sweet things of iftar I left back in Dhaka. I thought this year it wont push through in that way but I am lucky enough to get some good Bangladeshi brothers here in Tampere. They decided to take iftar all together. As a result during this ramadan everyday we, 7 or 8 people, take iftar together. We prepare the items by ourselves. Almost everyone participates doing that.

The iftar takes place in different places on different days. Everyday we try to prepare something that we used to eat while in our contry. May be the taste is not so good but I think preparing and taking the iftar together helps a lot to fade the intensity of missing the real iftar that we used to have.

Here are some pictures of our iftar. That was in Taslim vi's room.

These were our items for that day's iftar

Distributing the CHOLA. Shaikat vi doesn't look so happy with the quantity :D

Another close look to the items. mmm... looks really delicious :D

Farjan vi is making dua before iftar. But why is he looking at the camera and also smiling a bit !!! :-S

And finally everybody is waiting for the exact time to take iftar.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

I started a part time job

This morning I have started a part time job in Tampere city center. Its a metro newspaper distribution job. Everyday 3 hours - from 0700 to 1000 and 5 days a week. The place is in front of a shopping mall. There are 2 bus stops as well. So many people pass by that place in the morning. My task is to offer them newspaper. The newspaper was totally free. My responsibility is to distribute 500 newspapers everyday.

The first day's experience was good. Today the newspaper company gave 200 small packets of cornflakes to give the first 200 people. I found finnish people are so eager to take free things :P the first 200 papers finished within 30 minutes while the rest 300 papers needed 100 mins to be distributed. The company gave a nice white full sleeve shirt today. I think that will fit me very well :D There is a jacket that I have to wear while doing this work. The color is so bright, it will pock your eyes. When I wear that I am glowing and may be you will be able to see me even if you go to the moon :D

I found that basically older people are the main customers of this free newspaper. They took it so eagerly. In case of younger people if you just offer them with a nice smile in your face they usually don't deny to take one. So distributing it is not that much difficult. The only problem is the cold weather. When I started today it was +5 C and that made my palms and face very cold. So how about when it will be -20 C ?? :-S I think I need some real good warm cloths at that time.

The bottom line is I liked the job. Its not so tiring and the duration is not so long. In fact its finished within 2 hours and 15 minutes. I found the work interesting. Its a new experience for me :)

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