Friday, July 20, 2012

Hard to say 'goodbye' to my favorite novelist :(

My favorite novelist Humayun Ahmed had been suffering from cancer for last one year. He was taken to USA for better treatment. Few weeks back he had a critical surgery and we were waiting to hear his recovery since the surgery went well. At first it was said that he is getting well, but since last week there were many rumors about his condition. I was still so sure about his recovery. Or may be I didn't want to say 'goodbye' so soon. Last night I went to bed around midnight as usual. After half an hour I got a text from Gagan telling me the bad news. Humayun Ahmed has passed away. At first I didn't feel anything. It took me many minutes to reply that sms. I couldn't think of anything to write at first. After replying the first sms we had couple of more text between us. Suddenly I realized that my pillow felt a bit wet and it's due to my teardrop. I couldn't help my tears, didn't try though. I couldn't believe that nobody will observe different types of people so closely and bring them in front of others anymore :( I got up and went to internet to see the news. There it goes, no way to deny. It's all over in facebook, different blog sites and local media sites. He is not among us anymore :(

I started to feel we wont get any of his creation from now. He was so close to mass-people. He could easily bring up the most natural behavior and thinking of people. He knew so well how to make people laugh, how to make them emotional, how to entertain them. Every time when I wanted to spend some time with a novel his creation was there to give me company. Even his science fiction novels were written in such a way it seems so natural. I really couldn't believe we wont get any of those things from him. That's why it's so hard to say 'goodbye'. He has given me so much but I am so greedy that I want more. I want to say exactly what Gagan said - "বোতল ভুত !!! তুমি হুমায়ুনকে  ফিরিয়ে দাও :'("

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