Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New office update

I haven't given any update about my new office since I started working here on July 1. So I decided to give you a virtual tour to my office. I took these picture around 6 PM, so the office looks deserted. Let's start :)

From distant place while walking towards my office. I think you can see the office building quite clearly from here.

The office football field just in front of the office building.

The pathway to the office building.

That is the main entrance.

Another building, I sit in this building.

A terrace after entering through the main entrance.

The place of my team. We eight people sit here.

Our scrum board, quite messy :D

This big window is just beside our team. Good for us, we do not have any scarcity of natural light :)

Place for another team seen from our place.

The long corridor in the middle. Different teams are located in both sides of this corridor.

Stair to a meeting room.

This terrace is just in front of our block. Natural trees everywhere :)

A small kitchen in one side of the terrace.

The kitchen from the other side, looks like a tea stall :D

The smoking room. I don't smoke, so I never had chance to go inside of that room.

Small place at the end of the terrace to have a chit-chat or for reading magazine.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Helsinki city center trip

I had a small trip to Helsinki city center yesterday afternoon. I don't have much to do in weekend, so I decided to roam around Helsinki city center. I went out around 0230 PM. It was a bright and sunny day. Also very hot. I went to by train. It takes around 30 minutes from Espoo.

I saw lots people are in the street. May be they also came out with the same thought in their mind like me :D I had few places of interest and I went those places. For the first time I took help from my mobile GPS so that I wont get lost. I started to like GPS :P I came back around 06:30 PM. I was so tired for long time walk. It was good roaming around though.

I took some pictures. Let's have a look

After leaving home, on the way of train station. The sky was so clear.

I don't know what tower is that, just beside train station.

These buildings are connected to that tower.

On the opposite side of the train station, don't what building is that :P

Another side from the same place

From a bit far :)

Restaurant and boat beside lake.

From the bridge over the lake

After few minutes walk from the lake

Beneath the bridge

Another shot of the lake from the bridge

In the train, while coming back. I think my face tells how hot was the day and how tired I was :)

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Monday, July 12, 2010

A weekend trip to Tampere

Since I came to Espoo, I have been living all alone. Sometimes it is difficult to spend time in weekend. Before last weekend I decided to visit Tampere and spend my weekend there. There was another reason for this visit - watch the FIFA World Cup 2010 final with my friends.

On Friday I started from office. I didn't come home because I have my backpack already with me filled up with necessary things. I took the intercity train and I reached Tampere around 0730 PM. I went to Shaikat vi's home directly. I had a very nice dinner and then a long gossip with other. I slept around 0330 am. I don't know why I woke up so early, around 8 AM, on Saturday morning. After doing morning rituals I went out and visited other bachelors here. I took lunch with them. I was eagerly waiting for some sports activity and everybody showed interest. So we went to play football around 0630 PM. We played for almost 2 hours and then went to lake for swimming. After all of those I was so tired. From the lake I went to Rajit vi's home, gossip with them and took dinner there. I went to bed early because I was so tired and sleepy.

I spent the Sunday morning in a relaxed way. Miraj vi was asking me to go to his home in the afternoon but I told him that I would go in the evening and watch the final together. I spent the day with gossiping and watching television. When Mou vabi started cooking for lunch I felt that I haven't cooked for weeks now. So I requested her and cooked chicken curry. It was good and proved that I haven't forgot cooking yet :P

In the afternoon around 0430 PM we went to play football again. On this day again we went to the lake to swim. After swimming I went to Miraj vi's home. I had a great dinner and after that just waiting for the final match to be started. Lots of other people came one by one. We watched the game together more or less 20 people. The match was also good and Spain won which I supported. After the match we had a short gossip because it was already very late. I went back to Rajit vi's home and went to bed as soon since I had to catch the 7 AM train the next morning.

Today I took the 7 AM pendolino train and went to office straight. I didn't have enough sleep and I was feeling sleepy the whole day today in the office. Even though I was in a rush it was a great weekend and refreshed me well.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shower in the rain, after a long time

This evening when I was on my way home after getting off the train I got a shower in the rain, after a long time. I seldom see this kinda heavy rain in Finland. I was coming home after office. It's been a very hot day today. When I got off from the train I was hearing thunder. The sky was dark. It was windy as well. Suddenly it started raining and it was so heavy. Each drop was like a marble. I wanted to run at first but then I remembered that I never had a shower in rain since I came to Finland. So I just walked slowly and let the rain pour upon me. I was totally wet when I came home; even my bag and the documents inside it. I had to wash my cloths later but I didn't mind. I enjoyed every bit of the rain but I wish I wouldn't be alone.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

First day at new job

It was my first day at the new job. I went to office around 0830 am by train. I got the access key and then my manager started to introduce necessary places and guys in the office. I went to so many places with him. I forgot most of those :P For sure I need couple of weeks to make myself familiar with the geography of the building. From 0930 am he started a presentation. We took our lunch break at 11 am. Other three managers joined us in cafeteria. I am not used to take lunch this early but I had no other choice. We had a chit-chat during lunch. Since I am the new guy most of the time they were talking to me. After lunch my manager continued his presentation till 2 pm. After that I got all my stuffs - desk, computer, mobile phone, necessary documents. As it was my first day I was having look to different internal system. I already found loads of documents cluttering up on my desk but I didn't started to have a look in those today. May be from tomorrow I will start going through those documents. Today it was quite a busy day. I felt so tired when I left the office around 0545 pm.

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