Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Got diploma for volunteering

The European Youth Olympic Festival organizing committee gave us a diploma for working as volunteers during the festival. In my certificate it is written that I worked 18-25 July as a volunteer in 10th European Youth Olympic Festival in Tampere, Finland. In the recommendation letter they said I worked 8 hours per day. I don't know where will I use this certificate in future but still it gave me good feeling when I received the diploma.

10th EYOF volunteer diploma

Here is the diploma they gave all the volunteers

Recommendation letter

Here is the recommendation letter from the volunteer manager

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Monday, July 27, 2009

My resident permit extended

When I came to Finland my student visa was for a year, from 5 August, 2008 to 5 August, 2009. So it was time for me to apply for an extension since I have to stay here for couple of years more. I applied last month and today i just got the extended student resident permit for one more year. Now my staying here in Finland is valid until 5 August, 2010.

Here is my extended Finnish resident permit :)

Finnish extended visa

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trip to strawberry garden

Today we, 19 people, including kids, went to strawberry garden. There were 3 cars. We started around 1 pm. It took almost an hour to reach the garden. After entering into the garden we started to take out the strawberries. There were different kinds of strawberries. The rule of the garden is you can eat as many strawberries as you want but you have to buy the amount you want to bring home. Just beside the strawberry garden there was green pea garden as well. We ate lots of strawberries and green peas. I did not buy any, I just ate to the fullest of my tummy :D

We were there until 4 pm. It became very gloomy at the end. We had coffee, cake and coke. Then we got into the cars and it started raining. I never saw this heavy rain in Finland. It was somewhat like the rain of our country, Bangladesh.

Here are two of my pictures.

With strawberry

Just before coming back. Suddenly it became very gloomy.

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10th EYOF is closed

Yesterday, 24 July, 2009, the 10th EYOF has come to an end. The festival was for a week. Throughout the week Tampere city was in festival mood. It was nice to see lots of people in the streets with colorful sports outfit. Yesterday was the closing ceremony. It held in Tampere stadium called Ratina. I went to the closing ceremony. I didn't have any responsibility this time as a volunteer. So I just sat in the gallery and enjoyed the program. Next year it will be held in Turkey. So the chairman of European Olympic Committee(EOC) thanked Tampere for a wonderful arrangement and declare Turkey as the organiser of the 11th in 2011. Here are some pictures from the opening ceremony.

Kids made a nice display with long cloths

Here they come

The back side of the gallery was totally empty :D

The young athletes

The official song for this festival is going on. It was raining a bit

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Monday, July 20, 2009

EYOF 2009 and volunteering

Its been long time I am not posting in my blog. Somehow I could not manage to write here. I think now its time to start writing again :)

Tampere is arranging the European Youth Olympic Festival(EYOF) this year. This youth olympic held in every 2 years. All the athletes must be under 19 to participate. This year 49 countries are participating. I always have interest about this kinda big sporting activities. When I heard about it I was excited to see it live because my university is inside the olympic village. So as soon as I heard they need lots of volunteers to make it a nice event I went to the website at once and applied for it. They approved me and now I am a part of this EYOF 2009.

I became an eco advisor. I have to encourage all the athletes, team members and also the spectators to be environment friendly. Where to put the waste and how, means in exact position - bio waste and plastics should not be mixed up. All these wastes will be recyled later and bio fuel will be produced from these so if those are mixed up it will be difficult to recycle. Beside being an eco advisor I also got chance to be a volunteer in the opening ceremony in Tampere ice hall. I was a spectator guide there. It was really a nice experience to see the opening ceremony live. It was a short but very nice program.

I became a volunteer just to be a part of this festival. I didn't know that there are some benefits as well. I got nice volunteer outfit - Tshirt, 3/4 trousers, cap and back pack. They gave an ID card to all the volunteers and with that we get free lunch in one of the restaurent here in the olympic village from 13-30 July. This card is also working as my bus pass during the festival. I need not to pay in any bus inside Tampere. Nice benefits huh :D The best part is I get to know many people by this. Lots of people came from many countries and I have to work with them. There will be a grand party for all the volunteers when the festival is over. Hopefully it will be a nice party with lots of foods :)

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