Thursday, March 27, 2008

LCD television in our office

An LCD television has been arrived in our office. Its a 32 inch flat samsung LCD screen. Jan, our CEO, told that it is brought for video conferencing with the customers.

This morning the LCD screen is placed in the small conference room. A computer is connected to it. Its a bit amazing to see Windows XP starting up in a television :D Just imagine that your computer monitor is 32 inches.

Our General Manager told that sometimes the television can be used to watch the cricket match of Bangladesh team but Bangladesh has to do very well in that match. Otherwise he will shut it off. We hope that our cricket team will do good from now on; at least for Bording Vista employees :D

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another long over due treat

Abrar Saad, one of my room mates in university for 4 years, has given some of us a treat for his very high paying job. Its very late now still we are happy :D

He joined British American Tobacco(BAT) almost 10 months back. He was saying that he would give us a nice treat for his job. Finally last Saturday he managed.

We went to Sea Shell in Uttara, a very nice restaurant to reminisce our old days. While we were in our under graduate school we used to go there in every semester. We were 8 persons in that group. Everyone had to pay according to his GPA in previous semester. The higher GPA holders had to pay much :D That is really a nice thing to reminisce.

This time we went there but didn't pay for the food. Saad was the only donor. Thanks Saad for giving us such a nice treat.

shahan, shahriar, saad & sabbir

From left Shahan, Shahriar(standing), Saad and Sabbir with a strange gesture.
Sabbir is the only impurity on that day. He was not a member of that 8 persons' group( no offence Sabbir :D )

Taking appetizer

Starting with the appetizer

Enjoying the food

Everyone is enjoying the food. I was shooting the picture

Nice lights

The nice light at the ceiling of that room

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Got century of posts

I didn't notice that I have done over 100 posts already. This is my 102nd post about 100th post :D My 100th post was "Bording Combination training is over" and I wrote it 3 days back.

When I started blogging I didn't think much of it but i found interest and I kept on going. As a result, the number of posts in my blog is over 100 now.

I am having fun doing it. Let's see how will it go :)

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I still belong to Bording Combination team

This afternoon I talked with our General Manager about my team - which team I will work with finally. He told me I will be working in Bording Combination team for the time being.

Earlier our GM informed me that I have to work in Bording Net team. I told you in one of my previous posts that I like the combination team much. So I underwent the project training and after that I approached our management to let me work in my previous team i.e. Bording Combination team. Our team leader Ankan vi also requested our CEO to keep me in this team. So the management finally changed their decision and kept me in my old team. I am happy to hear that.

So... for the time being I will be working in DMP 6 management console project. I think I will be able to contribute in this project with all my abilities :)

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bording Combination training is over

The training with Martin and Jonas is over. From next Sunday the project will start officially. Jonas will stay two more weeks in Bangladesh but Martin is going to leave by Saturday.

We had a nice time with both of them for the last two weeks. We wanted to give them some souvenir as a token of the nice time all together. We hope both of them like those :)

Martin and Jonas are opening the souvenir bag

Martin and Jonas are opening the souvenir bag.
Those were bought from Aarong

They are looking at the miniature of rickshaw

They are looking at the miniature of rickshaw

Aha, Martin is trying to play the

Aha, Martin is trying to play the "Do_tara", a traditional musical instrument of Bangladesh

The whole group that went under the training stuffs

The whole group that went under the training stuffs...
Jonas gave Martin two horns :D

Two more colleagues came into the shot

Two more colleagues came into the shot.
Martin's hand is on my shoulder...
Damn... its too heavy... (no offense Martin)

While I am writing this post I am hearing Martin playing the "Do_tara" :D

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Watch having painted dial

I guess you people must hear about watch having painted dial. I heard about and saw those. Those are for kids only. Did you ever heard that a grown up guy bought that kinda watch considering it as a real watch? I guess you didn't but I just heard something like that.

The training I am undergoing right now is conducted by two trainers - Martin and Jonas. They had a visit in Dhaka city in last weekend. Both of them bought watches from the shopping mall Bashundhara city. Whenever they came to office the next day we were talking about their watches. At that time Martin told us a story about his brother. His brother went to Greece and bought a very nice watch. After returning to Sweden he was showing his new watch to Martin and saying "Look I have bought a very nice watch". Then Martin saw that its all painted; there was no real dial on the watch. He said "Yea a very nice painted watch :) ". I wish I could see the expression of Martin's brother at that time :D

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Friday, March 14, 2008

I am not blessed with the transportation service :(

From next Sunday Bording Vista is going to provide transportation for its employees. Good news huh?? Yea it is but not for me. I am not gonna get the service :(

Our company hired only one micro bus for the time being. So its not possible to cover the whole Dhaka city by that one vehicle. Consequently the office gave priority to those places where more people live around. Unfortunately very few people of our office live in the nearby areas of my house. So the bus wont pass any place which is suitable for me to get in.

Our CEO informed that another car may be hired within 6 months (!!!) and told us to keep patience until then. So those not getting the transportation service from Sunday next are keeping their patience now.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nice composition by using only windows sounds

Gagan sent me this link of youtube video. I found it very interesting and wanted to share with you. The composition is made by using only the sounds of windows xp and windows 98. Check it out :)

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jan's birthday

Today is Jan's birthday. He is 44 now and starting the journey to be 45. I didn't know about it earlier. During our afternoon snacks time I found some preparation is going on down to our canteen. All of us went there and called our CEO to come over the canteen. He came and looked happy to see the arrangement. It was a small celebration arranged by Bording Vista employees.

The cakes have been brought

The cakes have been brought

Jan is preparing to cut the cake with the cap on :D

Jan is preparing to cut the cake with the cap on :D

He is taking the small gift for his 45th birthday. Looks so happy ;)

He is taking the small gift for his 45th birthday. Looks so happy ;)

Ehtesham vi got caught at the right moment. Having a big bite on his piece of cake :D

Ehtesham vi got caught at the right moment. Having a big bite on his piece of cake :D

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Another training

Few weeks back I underwent the sharepoint 2007 training. That training was not supposed for us ( Bording Combination team ). As we were having visa problem to go to Sweden we enrolled ourselves into that training. Now 2 Swedish guys came to Dhaka to conduct the training that was supposed to be held in Sweden. By this time I have been shifted to Bording NET team from Bording Combination. So I am not supposed to be enrolled into this training but I have talked to our CEO and told him that I wanted to undergo this training and he gave me his consent. So again I am doing the training :D

This training will be on the project requirements and also on the technologies that we need to use while doing the project. They will emphasize on nHibernate, TDD and IOC. These are new to me except from their names :P I hope I will be able to use these efficiently after the training is over :)

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Warning for bloggers

Few days back I told that some Bording Vista guys are getting interested in blogging. They started to blog but in our last company general meeting our CEO told he found some of the guys are doing their personal stuffs while in the office. He even saw some persons maintaining their home page. He was not happy seeing that as time is money in Bording Vista ( he mentioned ). Clearly this is a warning for us who sometimes write blogs while in office.

I think it shouldn't be a problem if someone do that after doing his task properly in due time. In fact I am writing this blog while I am in the office but of course after the training is over for today :D but as our CEO warned us about it I will keep in my mind that I shouldn't do it unless I finished my work in due time :)

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

I have been assigned to another project team

Yesterday morning our GM informed me that from now on I have been included into Bording NET project team. I asked him why and he said its the decision of management. Later I heard that one of the members of Bording NET team is leaving Bording Vista in next month. He is going to Singapore for he has got another better job. As Bording NET project is a running one so it needs manpower immediately and the management selected me to work in that project. The project is based on Windows Sharepoint 2007. I have undergone Sharepoint training when Henrik came here in Dhaka.

Previously I was in Bording Combination team. The 2 weeks training for its project will start on sunday next. 2 Swedish guys will come to Dhaka on Friday means today. I am not a member of combination team anymore but I requested our CEO, Jan, if I can enroll myself into that training and he gave me his consent. So I will also undergo that training.

I don't have any problem to work in any group of Bording Vista but I am already much intimate with the members of Bording Combination team. I was mentally prepared to work with them. We even planned how will we proceed. So I will be happier if I can be in the team Bording Combination.

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Nice advertising idea

I have got an website address with nice advertising ideas. I found some of the ideas so nice. Thanks to Razib for the link.

Its not that you will get the themes at a glance. Spend few seconds for each advertisement to get its theme. I hope you will enjoy it :)

Here goes the Link.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blog fever

I have been writing blog for almost a year now. I used to write things about me. Daily happenings and other things; mostly my personal stuffs.

In my previous office Documenta I also used to write blog but not much as the internet connection was slow there and I didn't want people to know about my blog. So I tried to hide my blog while I was writing in the office. After joining Bording Vista I started to write my most of the posts while I am in the office for the internet connection is much faster compared to my home connection. At first I tried to hide it from other persons but still some guys saw it. They used to appreciate me about it. They used to see me writing a new post on an average of every 3 days. One day I found that Sunny vi opened his blog that he created more than a year back and started to edit the template. He posted few new posts as well. Few days later Mizan vi asked me how to create a blog and which one is the good place to open a blog. I gave him necessary information and 2 days later I found that Mizan vi is adding his own picture in his blog. He created his own blog. He published a post as well. He started to write about technical things. His first post was about .NET Threading. We appreciated him much as we know that its difficult to continue a technical blog - it needs more dedication.

So, some Bording Vista guys are blogging now :D I even heard Tanvir vi saying "ohh... I should write blog as well" ( he calls me dedicated blogger :D ).

Blogging is fun. I hope they will have fun :)

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