Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eight and half hours journey to Oulu

As I have told in my previous post, I was so excited about the long road trip to Oulu with Gagan. On Thursday I came back home around 14:30. Yes, the plan changed a bit. The previous night we decided to start the journey together from my home. It took us some time to prepare everything and start. Finally we began at 16:00. The weather was a bit gloomy but quite ok. Unfortunately we caught by the rush hour and it caused us few extra minutes to get out of the town.

As we came out of the town and fall on highway, Gagan started to drive at highest speed limit. It's awesome to run that fast. We played music that Gagan put on few CDs particularly for this trip. Both of us sang to our fullest voice. Because of that shouting we had sore throat at the end of the trip :P

We took two breaks during the journey. In the first break we stopped in a road side parking beside a lake and had our snacks. The other one was in a gas station. We took sufficient gas and then took dinner. The last four hours was without any break. Finally we reached Gagan's home at 00:30. Shanila was waiting for us, obviously with nicely prepared food :D

The whole journey was a bit tiring but I enjoyed every bit of it. Let's have a look at some pictures of that day :)

The car is waiting for the long run :)

Last minute checking.

On the highway, it was raining a bit at that time.

Taking the first break.

Having snacks beside the lake.

Now me, I was talking about something funny I guess.

Preparing for the next run.

The journey began again.

Stopped for gas and dinner.

At night, at the end of the journey.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Waiting for the long drive

For last few days I have been waiting so eagerly for the long drive that we (Gagan and me) are going to have tomorrow. I decided to spend my Easter holiday in Gagan's place in Oulu and we planned to go there by car this time. It's around 650 kilometers drive which will be my longest car ride so far.

Gagan and Shanila went to visit London 10 days back. They came to Helsinki by car, left it here and took ryanair flight from Tampere. Shanila came back 3 days back and is in Oulu now. Gagan just came to Helsinki today, 3 hours back and now is in my home, sleeping and snoring I guess :P We will start our trip tomorrow around 3 PM. I will still come to work tomorrow. The plan is, I will prepare everything tonight, come to work tomorrow morning and in the afternoon Gagan will pick me up from my office and we will head to Oulu. I think it will be a memorable trip :-)

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ericsson Badminton Doubles Championship

Today I participated in Ericsson LMF badminton doubles championship. I missed the singles championship due to illness. This time I was so eager to participate and I made it. And you know what? Me and my partner became the champion :D

Only four teams participated today. The partners were put together by lottery. I was really lucky; I got the best player among us as my partner :P Each team had to play against all other teams and then best two teams would play final. We won all the matches in round robin league and secured our place in final. At the end we managed to win in the final as well. As a matter of fact, there was no trophy, rather each of us got a box of victor shuttlecock which is really good to me as an award.

I played 11 games in total within two and half hours. I was totally exhausted and I feel pain in many parts of my body right now. But I enjoyed it very much. This championship turned my boring Sunday into a great enjoyable day :)

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I dreamed of you

I dreamed of you last night
After a long time.
It was a nice one
Full of happiness and smile.

You were even laughing,
Talking in Bangla
With other people.

You looked nice;
Fresh and cozy.
Exactly how I wanted to see...

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