Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bangla letters on keyboard

I went to one of Bangla blog sites ( where some of my friends write regularly. I found myself in great problem as I don't know Bangla typing :( So I asked one of my colleagues to help me writing a name. He came to my desk took the keyboard and started typing. He typed one letter and trying to remember the key for next letter, again he typed one letter and trying to remember and so on. After typing 4-5 letters he just looked at my keyboard and shouted "Hey the Bangla letters are written on your keyboard and you are asking me to type!!!". I looked at my keyboard and upsss... those are really written on my keyboard :P I looked at his face and at once both of us laughed out loudly hahahahaha...

Hey it was not my fault. I don't look at my keyboard while I type. So how can I be aware of the Bangla letters written on my keyboard? hehehe :D :D :D

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Foreign visitors in our office

Today some foreign visitors(may be from Japan) were supposed to come to visit our office. I don know the exact reason. Our boss told us on last working day to be well dressed on this day. I am in full formal dress except the neck tie... black plain pant, white full-sleeve shirt, black socks and black shoe. But I found some of my senior colleagues in an eye-popping dress. I dont know why they became funny. By trying to be good looking so much?? May be they focused much on that :D Some look very funny with their extravagant dress and neck tie.

In the afternoon we got a news that the Japanese are not coming today. Everybody looks unhappy specially those who dressed extravagantly :D :D :D Our boss told that they will come later but didn't fix the date yet. Now my colleagues seemed a bit happy to hear that and this time also those who focused on dressing up more seemed more happy :D :D :D

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Friday, May 25, 2007

I used the raincoat at last :P

you know I bought a raincoat few days ago. But before yesterday I didn't use that. Before I was caught by rain oneday but was a bit shy to take out the rain coat from my bag and wear it :P But this thursday it was raining heavily and I overcome all my shyness and used it :D

It was evening.. I was returning home after my work. It was raining when I got off from the bus. I again was a bit shy but took out the raincoat from my bag and wore it and walked from the bus station to my home as always :P It is really nice to walk in the rain wearing a raincoat. I didn't know that before :-)

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Allure of letters in old days

Last tuesday(2 days ago) when I returned home after my work I saw my mom sitting on her bed along with so many papers jumbled in front of her. I just lay down on her bed and started gossiping. She was taking one piece of paper in her hand, read it for awhile (those were hand written) and then put it in a bag tenderly. I noticed the papers were pretty old. I asked her what were those... she smiled and replied those were documents. I asked again what documents those were... This time she smiled again and seemed a little bit shy... She told me that those were letters of her early age just after marrying my father... My father lived in Dhaka(the capital) for his work but my mom lived in our village after their marriage for almost 1 year. They used to write very often to each other cause there was no other alternative to communicate in those days... that was almost 40 years ago.

My mom showed some of the letters just to look at those. I amazingly noticed there were poems of 3 or 4 lines on the top of each letter and those were written of their own :) :) :) I was very much surprised to see those so my mom let me read some (not the letters, only the poems :D ) ... I found those are not poems of highest quality but full of emtoions... They tried their level best to express their feelings in those lines :) :) :)

It's really nice to know such kinda thing of own parents :) :) :) and I just shiver thinking how they felt when they received those letters from the postman.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Kids are amazing

Indian cricket team is in Bangladesh now. They are in a away tour for both oneday and test matches against us. My student Sanjana (English medium, grade 5) is a great fan of Rahul Dravid, the captain of Indian team. She saw him in person 2 days ago while the team was going to the stadium from Hotel Sheraton. She told her driver to go side by side with that bus as if she can see Rahul Dravid as long as she can cause the captain was sitting beside one window. Suddenly Dravid stared at the car may be because he was seeing that car for long time. He saw Sanjana and wave his hand. Sanjana just smiled but did nt wave her hand or say hello to him even though she is a die heart fan of him. I asked her why?? She just told me that she didn't want to make him pride himself much. I was surprised thinkin what is going on in her mind. Did she think that they came here to play against Bangladesh. So as a Bangladeshi girl she should not wave him or say hello. Did she think "why do I do that?? I should keep my own country above all" suppressing the intensed likeness of a person?? She is only a kid... what made her think in that way?? Patriotism???

I know it very well that there is no problem in waving to an Indian player as a Bangladeshi citizen. Still I feel great and became soooooooo happy hearing this thing from my student :) :)

Thanks Sanjana :)

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

I am afraid

Suddenly our network administrator shouted "Our Shahid hears citycell palabe kothay :D". Everyone laughed out loudly. I was just surpirsed. I got that advertisement jingle from a link given by one of our friends in our batch forum. That took long time to buffer into memory. So I just minimized windows midea player and did my other stuffs. I did not even hear that jingle. But how the hell our network administrator came to know that. He can easily know what processes and programs are running in any pc in our network. But how can he know which song is being played now??? Can he use my pc from remote desktop without any notification??? OMG... I wish he were not be able to do that. If he can and just go through my personal mails specially the goodAM mails.... damn.

This is totally unfair. This is nothig but hindering other's privacy badly.

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Another new project

I am gonna be assigned to another new project. The previous one is almost finished. That was not a big project actually. I think the new one is a bit bigger.

This time again the client is Aarong. Aarong is going to automate their export module. Before Aarong used to maintain this module manually. Now they realize the importance to automate this module. They work with the foreign customer in this section. So they have to computerized the whole module as early as possible.

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Monday, May 7, 2007

I am missing something :'(

Sometimes I used to buy chocobar icecream when I went to one of my friends' house. These days there is no way to do that :( :( :( I miss those chocobars badly :(( :(( :((

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

I bought a raincoat :)

This morning I bought a raincoat. Does it sound a bit unusual?? I am asking cause one of my friends laughed at me when he saw it. And he laughed in such a way that I am a kid doing something childish and he is a grown up man found it interesting and smiled at me. Anyway... I don mind cause I found that I need this and it's better than umbrella.

Here it's not raining for a week may be. But the rainy season is ahead and I have to go to my work and other places in the rain. I like to have shower in rain sometimes but it's not so good while I am going to my office. So I need something to prevent me from getting wet and I think my raincoat will do that nicely :)

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