Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another birthday passed

Today was my birthday. Just passed another year of my life. It's kinda special day for me, not only for my birthday but for some other reason also. Well, the day did not go so nice. I had lots of problems in my work. Nothing was working properly for me. I had to struggle a lot with my working environment which is so annoying. But the good part of the day is, one of my colleagues, Aila, gave me a center table today and it's quite nice. Moreover, while coming back from work I decided to go to shop and buy my own gift. Actually I bought not just one, but two board games for me. One of those are for multiple purposes, you will get six different games inside that. At least I got some gifts :)

The table and my own gifts :)

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Room orientation changed

Yesterday I got the sofa in my home and today after coming from office I just changed the orientation of my room. Let's have a look at the new orientation of my room :)

The sofa is just in front of the bed now, separating bed room and living room :P

The cabinet comes nearer to the pc table :)

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inception: another Christopher Nolan's masterpiece

[Image source]

I have been thinking to watch Inception for quite a while since it was released in Finland but I could not manage until today. Yes, today I finally watched it in a movie theater. It was Peter, my colleague, who bought the tickets and offered me if I want to watch this one. I agreed happily. So today, in the afternoon, he picked me up in front of my house and we went to watch another box-office hit movie by Christopher Nolan.

The storyline seems quite interesting to me, it made me concentrate on the movie all the time. While things were happening I had to think as well to sort it out. Moreover, the visual effect was so nice to watch in big screen. The bottom line is I liked the movie and it made me more fan of Christopher Nolan. The night became perfect after having a nice dinner in a nice restaurant at the heart of Helsinki downtown. Interestingly, it was provided by Peter again :D

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Bought a couch

I just bought a couch from a Finnish girl. She is moving out and willing to sell her couch. I was willing to buy because I have only one chair in my room in front of my pc table, so if somebody comes to my home he has to sit on my bed which is not so nice. It's a three seated couch. I think I got a good deal just for 20 euros because she delivered it to my home :)

This is my couch

I don't know if the orientation is good but I didn't find any other suitable place to put it.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Real "Pinball", played for the first time

After office Peter told me he is going home by walk. We live in nearby places. I was thinking to join him because I haven't walked for long for a while now. Finally I joined him and it took us 50 minutes to reach his home. Well my home is 15 minutes more walk from his. He offered few backgammon round. FYI, he plays lots of board and card games, and he is a professional backgammon player. I agreed on his proposal wanted to learn some backgammon strategy. While I was in his living room I found a huge machine like thing with four legs. Amazingly I recognized that it's a pinball game set. I never saw a pinball set in real. I always played it in computer. It's a huge and heavy. We played few rounds and it turned out that the real one is much exciting than the virtual one. After that we played backgammon and Peter describes few strategy to me which I wish I can remember. I took few picture of his pinball set. Here they go:

The huge pinball set. The sound is awesome with loud speaker.

Look at the shelf, thousands of comic collection. Unfortunately all in Swedish language :(

Peter is playing now :)

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the way to Oulu

Writing this post from the train. This is the first time I am using wi-fi internet connection while on a train. Actually they started this service from August 2010, only in pendonlino train. Right now I am at the end of my journey. It's a long one, almost 6 hours. I watched 2 movies (District 9, The Big Lebowski), surf facebook and did some junk browsing as well. Still 30 more minutes to go to reach Oulu. So I decided to write this post for my update :)

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

New home

On 31 August I moved in my new home, in Kirkkonummi. It was quite a hectic job to shift all my stuffs. I had to go back and forth by train from Espoo but it feels good when I came here. It's one of my firsts, my own apartment. I don't have to comply with anybody else. Even though it is small I liked it so much. Let's have a look at my new home :)

The main entrance

The whole block

My apartment from the back door

The view from the back door, looks like a forest :P

Another view from back door

Inside my room, my bed and shelf

Corridor, separated by closet

The big window


Another view of the kitchen

My first iftar in my new home, lots of food :D

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