Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snow pictures

Here goes few pictures of snow in Tampere. I shot those one of the days while coming home from work in early morning. Most of the pictures were taken while I was in the bus. So those are not of very good quality.

Near the city center, Just after getting in the bus.

Another one from the bus

In the bus, it was almost empty

Another bus going to the city center

This is the road that I use everyday to go to university

Me having warm cloths on. Its not so easy to shoot your own picture when your camera is big in size.

The building where I live right now

Cars covered with snow. Its not so nice for the car owner clean the snow in the morning

The road started from the building I live

Someone wanted to leave some footprints in the white snow

This is just in front of my building(well, not my building; I just live there). There you can bake your "makkara" (sausage) and eat with "olut" (beer)

That is my foot, totally drowned in the snow

This is the entrance of my home here in Tampere.

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