Sunday, June 29, 2008

WII tournament in Bording Vista

Today I have joined office after a week long holiday. I took one week leave from the office for the India stuffs. I found most of the Bording Vista staffs in a cheerful mood today. They are excited about the upcoming event, in fact the first event, arranged by the staff association. The nintendo wii tennis championship will start after 6 o'clock today. For the time being only tennis is selected as the game.

So much gossiping is going on about the championship. The fixture is finalized already. A poll is created in our sharepoint2007 based intranet site. People are giving response - who will be the group champion. They are trying to keep their team mates ahead of others. Everybody is entertaining. Looks like our staff association is going to be successful to arrange their first event :)

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Came back to Dhaka after the first ever abroad trip

On Wednesday midnight around 0230 am I came home after the long tiresome trip to India. The total trip was around 80 hours and I didn't halt anywhere for a single day. I was running from one place to another without any break and finally finished the whole thing just within 3 days.

I posted my last post from a cyber cafe near the New Delhi train station. At that time I already finished the embassy stuffs, booked the ticket and waiting for the train to come to the station. After posting that I had my lunch in a fast food shop and then got in the train station. The Shealdah Rajdhani express started at 0445 pm. All the things were same as the train in which I came to New Delhi. Again I enjoyed the train journey and reached Calcutta the next day(Wednesday) around 11 am. My bus to Dhaka was at 1230 pm. I took the lunch in Dhakai restaurant named Kasturi. The journey to Dhaka started at 1230.

I reached Haridashpur, the Indian border around 4 pm. The immigration and customs formalities took around 2.5 hours and then I got in another bus from Benapol, the Bangladeshi border. This time the bus was a business class RM2 model Hino. So the journey was comfortable than the previous ones in bus. On the way there was a ferry journey for around 20 minutes. I went to the roof top of the ferry. The wind was blowing so heavily. The cold wind made me calm. It was around 11 pm night. The night was so nice.

Finally I reached Dhaka around 2 am. It looked like a dead city. I was a bit afraid to come home at that dead of night yet I took a rickshaw by the name of almighty and came home around 0230 am. So at this point the long journey came to an end.

During this trip I couldn't roam around much. All the time I had to carry my bag containing all my cloths and documents. It was a bit heavy. So most of the time I tried to sit in one place :D During the trip I noticed few things :

1. Calcutta seems more dirty than Dhaka to me.
2. People of Calcutta are very economical, in fact miser. I heard that before but now I saw it real.
3. New Delhi is a very nice city - clean, less traffic jam. Most of the roads are very wide.
4. Indian people smoke rarely. I didn't see anyone smoking in public. Smoking inside the train station is even not allowed at all.
5. Indian railway service is much better than my expectation.
6. A nice thing of Indian people is they like to use their own product. You will rarely find Japanese or American cars in their street. Even in case of consumer products they don't depend on foreign products. Great virtue for a developing nation :)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In abroad for the first time in my life

Right now I am sitting in a cyber cafe in New Delhi just beside the train station. This is my first ever trip to outside Bangladesh.

I came to Delhi to submit my visa application in Finnish embassy. You people know that I have got admission in Tampere University of Technology(TUT) and then I decided to go there to have my masters degree. It's a pity for us that there is no finnish embassy office in Bangladesh. So I had to come to India as New Delhi is the nearest high commission office from Dhaka.

I reached Calcutta yesterday around 1 pm. I somehow managed a Rajdhani express sleeper class ticket from Calcutta to New Delhi ;) It was a long train journey, around 18 hours but it was nice. I slept on my bed for almost 9 hours. It was air conditioned and their service is very good. The ticket is so expensive. So I was looking forward to check their service but they impressed me totally. They provide all the things we need. From blanket to pillow with brand washed pillow cover, 2 bed sheets(also washed and so clean). The food was also good. They provide sufficient food for a single person. I don't have enough time but I am just telling in short.

6 pm : Snacks; Item : sandwitch, one piece of sweet(shonpapri), chocolate, a packet of chanachur and tea
8 pm : Appetizer; Item : 2 toast with butter and thai soup with tasting salt and pepper
9 pm : Dinner; Item : fried rice, hand made bread, daal, chicken curry(2 pieces), salad, fried fish, pickle, yougurt and finally ice cream
8 am : Tea with cookies.
9 am : Breakfast; Item : 3 piece of bread, butter, jelly, a banana, egg fry, french fry(very small amount) and soft bean(motor_shuti shiddho - very small amount)

I enjoyed the train journey. I have finished the stuffs in Finnish embassy. I came back to the station and got the same class ticket from New Delhi to Calcutta today at 0430 pm India time. Its very much expensive but again I took that as I am impressed by the speed and also by their service. I will reach calcutta around 11 am tomorrow. Till then bye. I will update you people later :)

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hoping to go to India tonight

I am hoping to leave for India tonight. I am going there to face the Finnish embassy as there is no Finnish embassy in Bangladesh. I have managed the bus ticket earlier but the funny thing is the visa is not yet in my hand. Hopefully I will get the visa around 5 pm today and my bus is at 1030 pm :D

Right now I am in a hurry. I have to go to the insurance company to get my health insurance papers. Its not yet done :P The application form and all other documents that are supposed to be submitted in Finnish embassy has to be fixed soon. The whole process is a very hectic one. I will try to give update here from time to time :)

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Nintendo wii in Bording Vista

Its an amazing news for us. Nintendo wii in our office Bording Vista. We heard about it long ago, around 3 months back but we were not so hopeful. We heard about massage chair 7 months back and that is not yet arrived. So we thought nintendo wii will be like that, wont show up within 7-8 months but we were wrong.

Last week suddenly we found our CEO was checking something in the small conference room with 2 remote like white colored thing. The LCD wide screen was showing some gaming options. Then we heard that nintendo wii is now in our office and we can play it without hampering our work, recommended by the authority after office hour.

I tried the gaming console. I was expecting some more reality in it but still its so nice, some said awesome. These days few staffs go home very late who used to go very early before. They are becoming fan of nintendo. Playing game with that is really fun :) Here is a video from youtube to have a look what nintendo wii really is.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Staff association in Bording Vista

A staff association is formed in Bording Vista. There was a formal meeting about it in our office on last Wednesday. In the meeting the constitution of the association was described. The monthly amount of money for subscription is fixed. After that the active management committee for this year was selected.

The main purpose of the staff association is to arrange social events so that interactions between the employees will increase. It will arrange yearly 1 or 2 big events like a picnic or tour outside dhaka. There may be 1 monthly small event like watching movie in cineplex or gaming contest after office hour or in weekend. There is another category of social events called random event which can be arranged any day at any time. Random event can be birthday celebration of any employee or something like that.

The monthly subscription fee for each member of the staff association is 200 taka. To raise the fund Bording Vista authority will provide another 200 taka montly for each employee which means 400 taka will be deposited to the staff association account each moth for each member.

The idea seems very nice to me. All of us are waiting to see the outcome of Bording Vista staff association :)

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