Monday, November 24, 2008

First exam in Finland

Today I have appeared in my first exam in Finland. This is the exam week after the second period. I have 4 exams in this week. Today was the first one - Programming I.

The exam started at 1 pm. It was a 3 hours exam but I heard it earlier from my senior brothers that here the exams wont take more than 2 hours if you learn the things well. Programming I is a basic course and I have done several programming course during my graduation schooling. So it was a bit easier exam. In 2 hours my exam was completed.

I was writing with pencil and had eraser on the desk. The amazing thing was there was not seat plan. You can sit anywhere you want. If you need extra paper nobody will get you that. You have to go to the stage( yea.. the examination hall is a gallery like auditorium ) of your own and will collect the paper by yourself. As a matter of fact, I raised my hand when I needed extra paper but the responsible person was looking at me with a strange look. The student beside me told me that I can go there and get the paper. Then I got my own paper by myself. You can even drink or eat in the exam hall( well, I saw many of the students were doing that!!! ). The situation of the exam hall is very flexible here but strict in only one case - cheating. Any kinda unfair means will be result in immediate dismissal.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

I saw first snowfall

Yesterday I saw my first ever snowfall. It was afternoon and I was trying to do some really boring reporting assignment. Morshed vi called around 0230 pm and told that its snowing outside. I got dressed up and went out of my room to see it. When I was out I saw it really was snowing but it was very light, kinda flurry.

I went to a open high place. I was standing. It was very windy. I was feeling cold but I was still standing because snow was falling on me. I don't know why I was smiling at that time. I wished I wouldn't be alone at that very moment but unfortunately I was.

I wanted to take picture but my camera batteries were out of charge. It was dark as well. And over all it was very light snow - may be it wont be visible in pictures. I am waiting for a heavy snowfall to see and obviously next time I will take some pictures and post those here in my blog :)

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am in my own room :)

I have got my own room. Actually I was informed in October that I am gonna get my room from November 1. The officer in TOAS is a very polite girl. She agreed to give me the key on 31 October so that I can move in before November starts but the thing is I could not move in to my own room on that day as it was really an extreme hectic day for me. I move in from today, November 2.

Its been 2 and half months that I have been staying in other people's room. Good for me that my senior brothers here are really nice. They let me be in their room for so long time. Finally I got my room's key on 31 October early in the morning. I shifted all my stuffs in my new room on 1 November. It was not difficult as I have few things only. I was not in my own room. So I didn't buy necessary things like cookeries and other stuffs that a person usually needs. After shifting my stuffs I helped other people to shift their goods. So many Bangladeshi guys shifted in this month. Except from me Shaikat vi, Badal vi, Morshed vi and kamal vi are in this group. In the evening the shifting has been completed but I was so tired to fix my stuffs in the new room. So I decided to stay in Taslim vi's room one more night and so did I.

Today I woke up early and as it is weekend I started to fix my things in my new room. I have finished that by 11 am.Right now I am writing this post from my own room. You know what? This is my first ever personal room :D I didn't have any personal room in my home back in Dhaka. Sometimes Shishire and me was joking about this(he also doesn't have a room of his own). We used to say may be we wont get any room of our own in our lives. You may say of course we will get one whenever we will marry. Yea sure, we will get one inshallah but will that be a personal room? Don't I share it with my wife? Yes I will. So, that is not a complete personal room to me.

I am really happy to get my own room here. I hope I will be able to manage things well from now on. I heard some of my friends are not so happy as I cant go online and talk to them frequently. I hope things will be better now :)

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