Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A bad farewell

Last Tuesday was my last working day in Bording Vista Limited. So its my farewell day. Unfortunately it was not a good farewell for me. Really not at all.

For the long visa processing thing I couldn't tell the management in proper time that I will leave in August. In the employee handbook it is written that if any emplyee wants to resign he/she has to give at least 1 month's notice. In my case I could give only 2 weeks' notice. Our project was frozen from July 10 to August 10 as our client is from Sweden and they are on vacation in summer for one month. So I thought it wouldn't be a problem as I don't have any work other than browsing and chatting during this one month while in the office. But as I told them they didn't hear any of my situation. They were just pointing out one thing that I am breaking the rule. As they were telling me that I am breaking the rule I decided to point out one thing in which the management broke the rule. It is clearly written that in every 3 months there will be an appraisal meeting with each employee but for last 6 months there was no appraisal meeting in our office. I pointed to this and for my amazement our CEO, Jan, turned into red. He couldn't answer properly and so did our GM. May be after this they became mad at me and told me to leave on that day. Later, in August, they will give my release letter.

I didn't think that they would do something like this. If I could guess earlier then I would think of some other ways which would be tricky but safer for me. Anyway, now I have finished with Bording Vista. The only thing that gives me pain sometimes is the bad farewell at the end of day :(

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My resident permit in Finland is approved

I have got a confirmation email from the embassy of Finland, New Delhi. They said my resident permit has been approved and I should submit my passport for issuing. This mail finalized everything about going to Finland.

I should be very happy upon reading that mail but I don't know why I couldn't be that much. It kinda made me sad. Strange human mind :)

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Shujon

25 July is Shujon's birthday and we had a gathering this morning. This time he gave us a breakfast treat in a very famous restaurant name "Ghoroa Hotel" in Motijheel.

We 6(Shujon, Jashim, Razib, Khalid, Tasnim & Me) started around 0730 for Motijheel. As we entered the restaurant we found it so much crowded. We managed to get a table which was not big enough for 6 persons. Anyway, we managed somehow.

The menu was mouth watering. I am not telling it here for I don't want you people drooling right now :D When the bill came to our table we amazingly found the price is cheaper than other restaurant compared to the quality. We were impressed.

Happy Birthday Shujon and again thanks for a very nice breakfast :)

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Unlimited fried chicken party

Yesterday afternoon there was an arrangement of unlimited fried chicken for everybody in our office. Our General Manager donated the party. He declared "you can take as many chicken as you want".

More than 100 pieces(I don't know the exact number) of fried chicken came from BFC for around 25 persons. I don't like fried chicken much yet I took 3. Tanvir vi swallowed highest number of chicken. He took 8.

There were soft drinks and lots of Danish chocolates. Our CEO returned from Denmark after his summer vacation bringing an enormous number of chocolates with him. As a whole the party was a fun :)

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunny vi and Nabila apa's farewell

Last Thursday was the last working day of Sunny vi in Bording Vista. His wife, Nabila apa, left a week earlier. Both of them are going to USA to complete their masters in Arlington University, Texas. In the afternoon they arranged a treat for us on that day.

At work Sunny vi used to sit just beside me. We worked in the same team, Bording Combination. So we were very close as we worked together for almost 6 months in the same project. I like sunny vi as a coworker. Nabila apa was in another team yet I was in good term with her as she has good relation with everybody in the office. I respect her for her good quality to mingle with everybody equally.

I don't know why for last few weeks the distance between sunny vi and me increased. It seemed to me kinda invisible distance which can be felt only but still we are good friends and very helpful to each other. They are a very nice couple. I wish them all the best in every steps of their life in future and hopefully we will be in touch even though being a long distance apart. Well, to tell you the truth I kinda envy this couple :P Good luck sunny vi and nabila apa :)

Here are few pictures of their last working day in Bording Vista.

Sunny vi and me

Sunny vi, in between Tanvir vi and me

The Bording Combination team. Mizan vi, one member of the team, is absent there

Here is the couple; taking gift

Unwrapping another gift box.

Nabila apa is playing nintendo on that day. Look at her face; so serious :D

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Friday, July 11, 2008

I lost the quarter final match

I was already in quarter final in our Bording Vista wii tennis championship. Yesterday was my quarter final match against Andalib, one of the interns in our company. I lost the match by 3-1.

The match was planned as 5 set and each set is based on best of 5 game. I lost the first 2 sets, then won the 3rd set and then lost the 4th set again. So Andalib reached semi final and I am now out of the tournament.

I think Andalib is the best player in our office in wii tennis. He is the probable champion of this tournament.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The cruel money matter

All of you know I am preparing everything for going to TUT this August. Going abroad always concerns money. I needed a huge amount of money to be deposited in my bank account to prove that I won't die due to lacking of food while in Finland. That is only a show money. I don't have that amount of money, nor my family does. As a result I had to borrow money from several persons - from relatives and also from friends.

While I was borrowing I had bitter experience. Well, you always will have in such kinda cases. I found asking friends is easier than to ask your relatives while it comes to money. I found people are not so willing to lend money. May be they are giving but not so willingly. It becomes more painful when you get it clearly(if you have some gray matter inside your skull its not so difficult) that the person you are asking has the money for sure and he can give you without having any problem yet he is trying to avoid. I went through all these kinda situations.

Now, another thing may happen to you when you ask someone to lend money. In this case you will find the person is willing to help you though he is having problem. You need money badly, the whole thing will be stopped if you wont get that money and at the same time you know if you take that money he will have hard times.
So what will happen then? I think you will be jeopardized. And when you decide to take the money you will feel so bad, so down. Unfortunately I went through this situation as well and I decided to take the money :(

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Breakfast treat from Jashim on his Birthday

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Jashim
Happy birthday to you !!!

Today, July 4, is one of my close friends, Jashim's Birthday. Yesterday Razib and Khalid had a plan and they let us know. Finally it was decided that we would go to Jashim's home very early this morning to wake him up from his pleasant sleep. There was another inner plan. You will know it in awhile :D

As our plan we (Razib, Khalid, Shujon, Tasnim and me) went to Jashim's home around 0730 am this morning. He woke up with an irritated look in his face. For sure he wanted to sleep longer today as its Friday. We wish him very happy birthday and then went to a restaurant to have our breakfast. This was our another plan, to get a fresh breakfast treat from him :D

The restaurant is in our area; just few minutes walk from his home. It was not so good yet we enjoyed the breakfast. We were burping after eating a lot but only Jashim was like this :@ and asking "who is the culprit to generate this idea?" :D Anyway Jashim, we had a good time just for few bucks :)

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