Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our project manager quit

I think you people remember Martin(the guy with very heavy hand :P ). He was our project manager in the project DMP6 Management Console. I said "was" because he has quit his job last week. He got offer from another Swedish company. So right now we are going without a project manager. May be within few days another project manager will be assigned.

Right now its our talk among the DMP project team members how our new project manager will be. Martin was a good project manager. He is very sound technically. It was nice to work with him. We are hoping our next project manager will be like him.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last lecture of Randy Pausch

Few days back I got a link of a video. I was having hard time to watch it in the office. Yesterday I managed time during my lunch hour and watched the video. I found its the last lecture of a professor of USA who is having pancreas cancer and will die within a month. This video is a reprise of his last lecture to his students in the university. The lecture is nice and it made me somewhat emotional. I wanna share it and hope everybody will like it.

Click here to watch the video

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

I watched Movie in Modhumita hall after a long time

On Friday last I, along with Jashim went to Modhumita movie theater. There was a 2 movie show in 1 ticket. The first movie was Transformer and the second one was Hulk.

It was quite a long time I haven’t been to Modhumita to watch movie. It was my favorite movie theater during my college days. It was very near to Notre Dame College; just 15 minutes walk I guess. So I used to go to Modhumita very often after the classes end. It is the first theater in Bangladesh to introduce dolby digital sound system.

The show started exactly at 6 pm. I found the air conditioner was not working well. It was a bit hotter than it was supposed to be. Then the great shock came to me. The sound seemed so poor, no sign of surround sound. Just think you are watching a movie like Transformer and there is no surround sound. We ended Transformer in that way. After the intermission Hulk started and this time the sound was good and we were getting surround sound effect but the picture quality was so poor, so dark. When the show ended we left the theater hall with a heavy heart seeing the quality of Modhumita hall these days which was our favorite movie hall just a decade ago :(

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Got acceptance letter from TUT

Yesterday afternoon I got the acceptance letter from Tampere University of Technology(TUT) in international masters' degree programme in information technology. They selected me for the subject Communication Engineering.

Most of my classmates applied in different foreign universities for masters programme. I was very lazy in doing such thing. Some of very close friends were pestering me to apply but still I didn't. Finally I could manage to overcome my laziness and applied in one finish university and that is TUT.

I sent my documents at the end of March(Shishire helped me a lot to do that). Rafi brought me the recommendation letters from 2 of the teachers of my graduating school. Shahan brought me the transcripts and the certificates attested by the registrar. What else did I do then :-S just wrote the statement of purpose?? :-S I think so :D Anyway, the mail just made me happy as I was having a bit inferior complex within me upon hearing many scholarship news among my friends.

I am not sure yet about taking the offer and going there. There are many constraints; I have to consider all those and make my decision. I may go to TUT or may be not but its a pleasure to get this kinda news even though its not a scholarship :)

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Monday, May 5, 2008

My blog's page rank decreased :(

Yesterday I have posted a new post after 10 days' interval. I haven't noticed that my blog's page rank is decreased by 1 in this 10 days. I am not that much aware of the reason for what page rank is increased or decreased. Still I was happy when I saw my page rank increased and fixed at 4. Its been more than a month that my blog's page rank was 4. I just noticed that its now decreased by 1 and fixed at 3 again.

I don't know why this is happened. Is it because I didn't write anything in my blog for 10 days or for some other reason? I am not sure. I don't know how google gives this page rank. Anyway... I am hoping I can see my blog's page rank 4 again soon :)

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

My eardrum has been reformed

Last Wednesday I saw the ENT specialist again for my ear treatment. Since Monday I was hearing in my left ear. Before that I was not hearing in my left ear since my eardrum has been burst. I was hoping that its getting better but worried at the same time if the doctor would say something bad.

The doctor examined my ear and told that its very well now. A new thin eardrum has been reformed at the place of damage. I am so happy hearing that. He said I no more need to use any medicine or ear drop. He just gave me a vitamin and told me that the new eardrum will take few months to be strong as before. He told me to be careful for 3 months. Going to pool or bathing without putting cotton inside the ear is strictly prohibited. For his instructions I missed one of the get togethers of IUTians in water kingdom but I am not sad for my ear is getting well now :D

So from this thing I learned few things :

1. We have to be careful while having colds for several days with clogged nose.
2. We have to be careful while cleaning our ear; better don't clean it at all.
3. If somehow the eardrum has been burst it can be reformed under proper treatment... really cool :)

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