Monday, May 30, 2011

Tampere trip

I visited Tampere last last weekend. I guess it is after couple of months. It was Rajit vi's and Mou vabi's daughter, Suha's first birthday anniversary. They invited me to attend the celebration. I went on Friday afternoon. The celebration was on Sunday. So on Friday and Saturday I met my old friends and spent time with them. On Sunday morning I went to the amusement park Sarkanniemi with three of my friends, Tareq vi, Saad and Rubel. It was a nice bright day. We didn't go for any ride; just did roam around inside the arena and watched the dolphin show. Let's look at some pictures of that day :)

Just after the entrance

A ride on water

My company, from left to right, Saad, Tareq vi, Rubel.

Now I am there :)

This ride looks nice.

Amazing tap :P

Inside the dolphin hall

The show just begun

Wow... what a jump

On top of the tower

View from the tower

Another side from tower

Yet another side

Lake view from tower

Another lake view, I could hardly believe it's a lake :-S

Yet another view

Now we are just beside the lake :)

Lovely sweet breeze over the lake

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finally weekend came, now it's almost gone

Weekend feels much better after hell of a week like last one. It was a very busy week for me. The week started with the event "World Class Team" in Siuntio in a hotel. It was organized by our office. It was a two days event. We stayed overnight on Monday. The room was quite spacious and cozy with a balcony. The event ended on Tuesday afternoon. There were several nice discussion session, lots of food and drinks, sauna, swimming, billiard and so on. I must say that it was a nice event and I enjoyed every bit of it.

On Tuesday I had a badminton match in the afternoon. So I went to play badminton straight from Siuntio. I played for an hour and then came back home with a very tired body.

The next morning, Wednesday, I had a business trip to Sweden. My flight was at 8 O'clock in the morning. My home is quite far from the Helsinki airport. So I had to wake up so very early to be in the airport in time. I woke up around 04:30 and took the 05:20 train. The flight was quite short, only 50 minutes. The office gave us business class, so we got nice refreshments. We reached in Kista Ericsson office in Stockholm around 08:45 local time. Then starting from 9 we had whole day meeting until 4 O'clock in the afternoon. The meetings were quite fruitful. We had nice lunch and several coffee break. The coffee from vending machine there is better than in our office here in Finland. Our return flight was at 18:00. On the way back the flight was even shorter, about 40 minutes. We reached Helsinki airport at 20:00 local time. Good that we took taxi to home, so I reached home being totally exhausted.

On Thursday I went to work, was quite busy at work and I had another badminton match on that day. It was my last match in this round and I must win to enter into group 2, which was my target since I started playing badminton in LMF badminton club. Thursday's match was really tough. The opponent is almost of my quality. I had hard times to win against him but finally I managed somehow with a set 2-1. After playing for an hour with him another employee from our office asked me if I wanna play more because he has a reservation. I agreed and I played another half an hour. He is also a tough opponent. I could hardly walk after playing one and half hours in a row. On Friday morning I could feel every muscles of my body when I tried to move. I had to leave office early, around 16:00, because I was really tired. Finally the weekend came and it felt so good :) Weekend feels so good after such a hectic week. Now it's almost over again. It's Sunday evening now. Need to prepare mentally for tomorrow's work. Good that I have got an invitation in Khokon da's house to watch the Final match of ice hockey championship between Finland and Sweden. I will go watch the game there and most probably stay overnight. His home is quite close to my work place. Most probably I will go to office from his home tomorrow morning :)

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ADSL connection in home

Finally I have got ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) connection in my home. I have been waiting for this connection for long time. It took several months for the bureaucracy of the process. But I am still happy to get it from my office.

For several months I have been using internet connecting via my mobile phone. That is a 2 MBps connection but that is only in theory. I used to get more or less 300 KBps always. The ADSL connection I got is theoretically 18 MBps connection. I just tested the connection speed with According to this site right now I am getting 9.02 MBps downstream and 0.90 MBps upstream. The connection is still half of the maximum speed but still I am quite happy to have this connection after using the crap connection for several months :)

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Luxury of food

I spent the Easter vacation at Gagan's home in Oulu. I stayed 5 days. It was a nice trip. We played sports, board games, went to different places, played games in xbox, watched movies, even had basic driving lessons from Gagan. I did practice driving ( only in first gear :P ). Beside all these, as usual, we cooked lot of foods together. This time I didn't even take pictures of all of those. Here goes few pictures that I took exceeding the threshold of moving my lazy ass.

Preparation to take breakfast in balcony.

Already sat down to start. It was too bright outside and camera was flashy.

Started the nice breakfast with pan cake.

Home made french fry and sandwich.

Home made shingara

Home made samucha

Evening snacks with shingara, samucha, noodles and tea.


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