Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rat in the cash box :P

I already told that I went to the national museum today. We had entered into a fast food shop before went to the museum. As we entered the shop and sit there a couple just finished their snacks and the guy went to the cash counter to pay the bill. As the cash keeper opened the drawer he just shouted that there was a rat in the drawer. We peeped over the show cases and we also saw that there was a small rat sitting inside the cash box :D

The shop keeper wanted to kill it but we told him to grasp the rat and throw it to the street. So he just got the rat in his hand and threw it outside.

Is it amazing to find a rat in a food shop?? May be. What are you thinking? Did we leave the shop after seeing that? NO... we didn't though there were other fast food shops around :P rather we ordered beef burger, hot dog and soft drink, ate those while laughing because of the rat in the cash box and then left the shop burping. Typical Bangladeshi people huh ;)

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A tour to national museum

Today I, along with Jashim, went to our national museum. Its been long time that we don't go there. Its not so far from our home yet the last time I visit there was 4 years back. Today we went Shahabag for another reason and suddenly we decided to visit it.

It was an instant decision but we were impressed after we finished. We did it hurriedly yet it took us almost 3 hours to finish. Before when I was a kid I went there several times and I was not that much impressed. But now as I see things from different perspectives I found interest in those things and I am really impressed about the things of our museum.

There are so many sculptures and artworks that drew my attention and I was really enjoying those. Though I am not an artist I found that those really good ones. There are also different types of miniature which reflect the culture of Bangladesh.

Out of an instant decision we had great times of 3 hours. Actually 3 hours is too short. I hope I can go there again having enough time in my hand. I don't know if its allowed to take pictures of the things shown in the gallery. If its allowed, next time I will go there taking my camera with me :)

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The biggest gathering of Muslims next to Hajj

Hajj is the biggest gathering of Muslim people from all over the world. It has a great significance in Islam. Aside from Hajj many other gatherings of Muslim people are held in different places. Among those(I said aside from Hajj) the biggest one is held in Bangladesh every year around January. It is called Bishwa Ijtema means World Congregation.

Every year around this time the Muslims engaged in dawah(invitation of Islam) came to Bangladesh to attend the congregation. I don't know the very details of it. I can tell that its a 3 days' long event. The last thing of the last day is the prayer(duwa) in which around 3 million people take part.

This year it will be on 25, 26 & 27 of current month. 27 is Sunday and we are hoping to get a holiday on that day as our office is near the place of Ijtema and all the nearby roads will be blocked totally for thousands of people. We will know about it tomorrow.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Culture, beliefs and some thoughts

People of different geographical areas have different cultures. Except from geographical areas other things also influence the culture but the very common thing we see is people have different culture if they live in different region of the world. This culture has adverse effect on the beliefs and thoughts of people.

People believe in different things and they think in different ways as well. Their culture and beliefs control their practices. Human being is not prone to changes of their practices. If someone is habituated with anything for several years its more difficult to give up that practice and absorb another one no matter how good is the new one. I found that its possible but difficult. Its possible if you do it to please somebody but its difficult to get by heart and execute it properly with all your heart. May be the change is good but still people have difficulties to absorb it by heart :(

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My trip has been postponed

Awhile ago I was informed that the whole process of our training is postponed for 3 weeks. Our CEO, Jan, came and told us that we can unpack our suitcases and put the warm cloths in the closet for 3 weeks :P

I am not so sure about the reason why the whole process is postponed. May be Bording Vista will talk with the Swedish embassy about this issue. But I heard from the senior guys that the embassy told our company that they will process it at the end of January. I am not so sure about it. I don't know how Bording Vista will manage the clients. So many things and plans will be changed for this decision of the Swedish embassy. We 6 guys don't have any work for the next 1 month. May be we will pass some lazy days in the office as it will take some time to assign new tasks to us.

I think within 2 weeks we will be informed again what is going to be happened. I hope next time there will be no problem getting the visa :)

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I have been rejected for visa by Swedish embassy

My application for visa has been rejected by the Swedish embassy :(

Today shafayat vi, one of those 6 guys, went to Swedish embassy as he was told by them to go this afternoon around 2 pm. He got his rejection letter and informed that all those 6 applications from our office have been rejected. They told shafayat vi to tell the other 5 guys to go to the embassy on Sunday and bring our passports back.

When shafayat vi returned I met him in front of the lift and he seemed so aloof. I asked him about the visa and he told me what happened. The Swedish embassy has pointed out some very funny reasons for rejecting us. I have gone through the paper that shafayat vi has got in his hand. They said that we are not likely to go there for a short visit rather we may refuse to leave swedish territory after finishing our training. They also said that its not like we are going for the reason we have mentioned in our application. They are doubtful about our visit to Sweden. I don't know how did they find those kinda things within us. Do we look like we wont come back to Bangladesh after our training :-?

The Danish embassy has been informed about it by the Swedish embassy before shafayat vi arrived in the office. As shafayat vi arrived our CEO, Jan, called the Danish embassy and the ambassador told him that he is already informed about it and he is gonna solve the problem. After talking to him Jan smiled and told us not to be worried. He assured us it will be solved within tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Let's see :)

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I have faced Swedish embassy

Yesterday morning I have faced Swedish embassy for visa. I didn't tell you people about it yet. ok I am gonna tell it now :)

My company, Bording Vista, decided to send 6 guys to Sweden to be trained up. I am lucky enough that I was selected as one of those 6 guys. There are 2 senior guys and 4 junior guys in this team. I belong to the junior group. This training will be on different technologies that will be needed for our next project. The training program is under DANIDA B2B Program. The overall objective of the Danida B2B Program in Bangladesh is to contribute to the economic and social development of Bangladesh by attracting Danish technology and investment to the country's private sector. So all the expenses will be born by
DANIDA. My training will be 2 weeks long unlike the senior guys, they will have training for 6 weeks. So far I know We will be in the city Boras for those weeks. It's a southern city of Sweden.

Our flight is reserved on January 11 and its January 8 today and I haven't got my visa yet haha. I had an interview yesterday morning in Swedish embassy for that. They just asked me some very formal questions like what my name is... how long have I been working for this company... what my position is... what my previous job was... what the purpose of going to Sweden is... how long I will stay there... who will financed my expenses etc. etc. I was in front of the lady for 10 minutes may be and finally she told me that they will call us withing 2/3 days to take our passport back from the embassy.

Right now I am looking forward to get the call from the Swedish embassy. If everything will be ok I will leave Dhaka on January 11 by Allah's will and many first ever things will happen in my life :)

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

I have bought jeans :P

Last night finally I have bought jeans :P Does it sound funny?? May be but the thing is that I was planning to buy jeans for last 1 year and I was not able for so long time. Sometimes I even went to shopping mall just to buy jeans but at the end I couldn't. I don't know why most of the time it was a failure when I went to buy jeans for me :-S

This time it was a success :D I went to the the shopping mall with my immediate elder brother and bought not only one but 2 pairs of jeans. It took only an hour to buy those two jeans.

I heard some people telling me that I barely wear jeans. I think from now on people will see me in jeans more than before :)

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