Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lost my wedding ring :(

Yesterday evening turned to be a very sad one because I lost my wedding ring. Yes, you read it right. I really lost it :(

It was a perfect evening - the sun was shining, temperature was 25 degree Celsius and gentle breeze was blowing all over. I came back from work, had coffee with Sharmin and then wanted to go out. We agreed to go to Kirkkonummi lake to have a swim. As we decided we jumped into our car and headed to Kirkkonummi.

As we reached there we set our picnic mattress on the grass and I was the one who went to water first. Sharmin was looking after Ninad at that time. I was swimming for a while. Suddenly I felt something went off from my finger. I took my left hand out of water and yes, my ring finger has a whitish ring mark on it but no ring is there.

I stood there still and look for the ring with my feet first for few minutes. Then I tried with my hands for few times; every time as long as I can keep my breath under the water. But I couldn't find it :( After trying for so many times I came out of water and told Sharmin about it. She is better swimmer than I am. So she went to the water while I showed her the place. She also tried many times but no luck for her either. She came out of water too without any success :(

I could not believe it. I just lost something extremely valuable to me. Something which you cannot value by money. That was a precious symbol to me. Since I got married I never took it off for a single day. It was always with me. Since I have lost 3-4 kilos of weight it felt a bit loose on my finger but that doesn't mean it has to get off while I am in water :( That is not fair :((

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer vacation starts from today

My two weeks summer vacation is starting today, within an hour :) Feeling quite happy about it. I have already taken 1 week of my summer vacation but that was not really a holiday. We travelled to Sweden to apply for Ninad's passport. This time there is no work plan. It's just holiday and enjoying about it :)

Gagan, along with his family, is coming here tomorrow. Hoping to spend some nice time with them in our tiny house. It's gonna be interesting to see how it turns out with 2 very active kids in a small apartment with their lazy parents; fathers to be precise :P

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