Monday, November 30, 2009

Last day at work

Six months back I started to work in the university as a research assistant. My contract was for six months and today is the last day of that contract. It's like I am writing a paragraph on "Last day at school" in an English exam during my secondary school life :)

Like everyday, today I came to office as usual. I didn't do any work the whole day. I had meeting and then I was busy in arranging my folders and documents. If I had to return the laptop today then I need to transfer all my personal stuffs from here. Since 2 pm I have been looking for my supervisor and for the secretary but they were not available. Finally I got my supervisor in his room around 5 pm and I went to tell him that it's my last day at work. He thanked me to work with him and mentioned that he will let me know if he has some other work for me. He also said that I can keep the laptop until I finish my thesis. So I need not to return the laptop today :D

Right now I am preparing to leave the office. Since I could not meet the secretary today I have to return the key tomorrow. Before that I need to take all my personal stuffs from this room. Time just flies. Six months just passed so quickly.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nice Eid-Ul-Adha

It is my 4th Eid since I left Dhaka. At first I did not notice it. Time just passes so quickly. This time the Eid is on weekday but still it was a nice one.

For me, the day started with Eid prayer. The prayer started around 10 am and the place was just 10 minutes walk from my home. After the prayer I went to university to work. In the afternoon we went to jummah prayer. From there all of us went to Badal vi's home to accompany them in lunch :D The lunch was so nice with lots of delicious dishes. It was not possible for me to stay there for long after the lunch because I had a class. I did not want to go but I had to. The class finished at 4 pm. I returned home right after the class and rested for an hour to prepare myself for another invitation. I knew that it would be full of delicious dishes too :D

Around 6 pm we went to Miraj vi's home and it was a gathering of around 30 people. They have 3 young kids, still they managed to prepare lots of food for us. We were so amazed to see the dining table with all those foods. We had a full-tummy dinner. After the dinner we started gossiping with several deserts. Saad sang five songs. He sings really well. It was a nice gathering.

It seemed that noboday wanted to leave :P Finally we left around 01:30 am. it was 2 am when I came home. I was so tired but I could not sleep soon. I was missing my family. So I called my home around 03:30 am because it was 08:30 am in Dhaka. I talked to my mom for a long time. I also called some of my relatives. Finally I went to sleep around 5 am. To sum it up, the Eid this year was good but for sure the best would be in Dhaka.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Parata party on Saturday night

Last weekend on Saturday night we had parata party in my apartment. We were only 3 guys. Tareq, Saad and me. It was planned earlier when we went to play badminton in the morning. I cooked beef curry with onion, tomato and cabbage in the afternoon. In the evening we played table tennis and returned around 9 pm. Then we started making parata.

None of us is expert in parata making :P Moreover we didn't have the exact tool, the rolling pin, to make good shape. Saad just used a tall glass as a replacement :D The parata was really good though. We made twelve parata for three of us and had a full-tummy dinner with 4 pieces each with beef curry :)

Here goes some pictures of that night.

Saad is making parata; I am just helping him.

These are some that we made. Not so good-looking :P

After baking. We put less butter while baking.

Prepared to start dinner.

Parata with beef curry. The curry was very oily.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Got poker chips as a gift

Last month Gagan and Shanila came to Tampere to visit me. Actually they went to Helsinki to apply for UK visa and on the way back to Oulu they stopped over my place and stayed for 2 nights. We spent the weekend together.

They came with a nice gift for me. That is a poker chip set. Previously I was talking with Gagan that I am thinking to buy a set of poker chips. He kept that in his mind, and when they came here they did not forget to bring one for me as a gift. Its a nice gift. I liked it very much. Thanks to both Gagan and Shanila :)

This is the chip set in the box. 4 different types.

Arranged on the table as if I am playing with Phil Ivey :D

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Early winter this year

Winter came early this year. Since the last week of September it is cold and it started snowing in the last week of October whereas last year it was 16 November when I saw first snowfall in my life. Its only the first week of November and all the streets of Tampere are covered with white thick snow.

For last two days it has been snowing. The whole day today it was snowing. So there are thick snow in the streets. My shoes were drown in the snow while I was coming home from university this evening. Its nice to see white all around you.

I hope the temperature will not rise to positive so that the snow will remain. Its really disgusting when the temperature is +1 or +2 and snow is melting. Consequently you will experience dirty and wet street which is not so pleasant. But the fact is this snow will melt and the streets will get dirty. Moreover, dark December is ahead of me. I wish I could make a hyper jump to February.

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