Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Entered into B class in Finnish Badminton

I have been playing badminton in Finland as a registered player in C class for few years now. After playing for some time I managed to get the necessary ranking points to be classified as a B class player just now.

150 points is needed to become a B class player. At this moment I have 179. So, after this summer I will be playing in tournaments mostly in B class. I am not allowed to play in C anymore. I can play in A if I want, but that may be a bit difficult for me, not yet my league :P

It has pros and cons. In B I will have more difficult games which is good for my improvement. On the other hand, I guess, I will lose more matches. But, that is how it is, and I have to cope with it :-) Let's see how it goes.

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