Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Missed the badminton tournament :(

I was supposed to participate in the office badminton tournament on Sunday, but unfortunately I couldn't. The tournament was scheduled at 11 O'clock in the morning and I woke up around 11:30. The thing is I was awake the whole night on Saturday. I went to bed around 11:50 PM but I couldn't sleep. I was in bed and time was just flowing as usual. I thought may be after couple of hours I would be able to sleep but I was wrong. Finally around 4 O'clock in the morning I gave up and got up from bed. I prepared some fried rice. Yes, I was hungry already. Then I watched few episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Finally at 7 O'clock I went to bed again to sleep. This time I fell asleep within an hour. Finally I woke up around 11:30. Well, even if I would woke up on time I wouldn't be able to participate because I was feeling so dizzy and my whole body was kinda stiff. I was so eager to participate in this tournament but I couldn't make it :( May be next year. Now I have another match in my group on coming Thursday. I hope I wont miss this one as well.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Badminton tournament in weekend

On coming Sunday our office is arranging badminton single championship. I subscribed as a contestant there even though I know I won't do well here. I saw some guys really play well. As I told earlier I have joined badminton club in our office. I played only 2 matches. Those are the two days when I played badminton this year. Today was my second match. I won this one also but I can feel that I am not in good shape; lack of stamina, lack of accuracy. If the opponent is a good one I wouldn't be able to win at all. Luckily I haven't faced anybody good yet.

Now I am thinking should I really participate in the championship. I can feel that I am not in good shape. Moreover I am having problem to sleep at night. I didn't have sound sleep for many nights now which makes me weak and error prone while playing. It would be better if I could practice a bit more before the championship. May be I will participate if I can sleep well in coming 3 nights :)

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas gift

The duration of day is quite short these days. After 3 PM in the afternoon it became dark. Since I came to Finland I saw that almost all pedestrians wear some kinda reflector in winter. I didn't know the reason at first. Then I learned that it will save you from being run over by a car in dark winter :P It's quite difficult for a car driver to see a pedestrian if he/she wears black dresses and doesn't have any reflector. FYI, most people wear black dress in winter. Even after learning the necessity of reflector I never bought one, I was too lazy :P This time I got those as Christmas gift from one of my colleagues, Aila :)

Yesterday while I was wearing my black jacket before leaving office Aila asked me why don't I have reflector with my jacket. I said I don't have any. She smiled and said "you could run over by a car in this darkness". I laughed at her comment. Today when I came to work I found two new reflectors on my desk. I asked Aila whose things are those. She said it's a Christmas gift for me from her. Interestingly she added that she doesn't want anything in return. May be she thought I might think that she is binding me with the notion of "gift-giving-paradigm" :P I smiled and said "Thanks, I wont be run over by a car anymore :D". I am writing this post from office. I will leave after 45 minutes. I planned to wear one of those two reflectors today while going back home :) I am just thinking which one I should wear, Moomin or legard :-?

Here is my Christmas gift:

I already tore off the box of "Moomin" :D

Both are out now

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

1 month to go :)

It's 20 November, one full month to go to visit my home. Yes, I am going to visit my home, almost two and half years later. I reserved the flight on 20 December. It was 16 August, 2008 when I left Bangladesh. I wanted to have a visit there earlier several times but was not succeeded. This time I decided and didn't hesitate to buy the plane ticket. So now it's finalized and I am going exactly after one month for a four weeks vacation. Ahhhhh... home sweet home :)

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to everybody!!! This is the 6th eid I am having since I left home. I didn't want to spend my eid alone in this year but the situation didn't change. Fortunately I am in Oulu now in Gagan's house. So I am not spending this eid alone. In fact, since I came to Finland this is the first time I am passing this day with such close friends.

Me and Gagan got ready in the early morning for eid prayer. We didn't know the exact location and unfortunately we couldn't find the place :P So we returned home without participating in eid prayer. We took breakfast and after that we were having tea and gossiping. Shanila didn't go to school just because she didn't want to miss our gossip :P

Here are pictures with our traditional dress Panjabi :)

First picture after coming home

Now Gagan, nice panjabi, though weird hairstyle :P

Now together :)

In the balcony, snow all around :)

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Going to Oulu :)

I am going to have another trip in Oulu. Right now I am sitting in a Pendolino S 59 train and writing this post using the wi-fi of this high speed vehicle :) It's less than 2 months since I visited Oulu. This time Gagan and Shanila were supposed to come to Helsinki to my place but finally the plan changed and now I am on my way to their place. Hopefully this trip will also be a pleasant one as always, I know it will be :)

While sitting here and junk browsing I stumbled upon a poem by Charles Lamb. Wanna share 3 lines from that poem:

I loved a Love once, fairest among women:
Closed are her doors on me, I must not see her–
All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Snowfall followed by rain with heavy wind

Today it was snowing for quite a long time. It started around 2 PM and it lasted for more than 4 hours. It was a continuous snowfall. I was looking through the window while I was in the office. The streets are covered with white snow within an hour. I was thinking it would be difficult for me to walk to the train station from office.

When I came out of office at 7 PM it was not snowing anymore but it was raining heavily with heavy wind. It was so difficult to walk. It's like it's storming. When I reached the train station I was wet. I don't why didn't I bring out the umbrella from my bag. I enjoyed getting wet in raindrops.

Since I came home I was hearing sound of raindrops on my roof. It gave me feeling of my home country. I used to hear the sound of rain while I was there. It's very rare in Finland that you will be able to hear that. Usually the houses here are almost sound proof, even windows have two layers of glass. Looks like my present home is not like that. May be it is not well protected against cold. Today it seems nice because I was able to hear the nice sound of rain after a long time. At the same time I am bit worried how will it be when the temperature will be 20 degree below zero. Will this home protect me well enough from that damn cold? I hope it will :)

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Going to Stockholm: another vikingling trip

I am going to Stockholm today with two of my friends. Atique offered me this trip since he got a vikingline cabin ticket of Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki. Since it is in weekend I agreed to accompany him. We asked another friend, Wali, and he agreed to go as well. So we 3 guys are going to have a nice vikingline cruise trip :)

The ship will leave Helsinki at 17:30. It will reach in Stockholm tomorrow at 09:40. We will be in Stockholm the whole day. I don't know yet what will we do in Stockholm. We didn't contact anybody there. It's kinda instant trip, so we don't want to plan earlier :) We will leave Stockholm at 16:45 tomorrow and will reach Helsinki on Monday at 09:55. I like sea and ship (much more love for yacht). So I hope the trip will be nice and enjoyable :)

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Signaling in core network - MSS

I participated in a training course named signaling in core network - Mobile Soft-switch Solution. The duration of the course was 3 long days. It started on Monday and finished today. Everyday it used to start at 9 o'clock in the morning and continued until 4 PM. It was quite extensive course, lots of information for 3 days. Moreover, I didn't have enough knowledge of basic mobile network signaling which made it even more difficult for me. But now I got some information about signaling. To me, the best part of the training was nice breakfast in the morning and snacks in the afternoon :D The fresh breakfast sandwich and afternoon pulla (sweet Finnish bun) were really delicious :)

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