Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kesä on tulossa

I think you people are amazed a bit to see my post title. Yes, you guessed correctly, its in Finnish language. I think this is the most common sentence these days among the Finnish people, at least in their mind. It meas "Summer is coming".

For few days now we have been seeing sun here in Finland. The sky is also clear most of the time. It reminds me the sky of my home country. The day is getting longer with time while night is getting shorter. Just few weeks back I had to come to school in darkness and when I used to leave the school it is dark again though I was there only for 4 hours only. Now I come to school seeing the sun and when I go back home still its sunny. Somehow you will feel better in this kinda weather.

I never knew how precious summer can be. Now I feel it. Its really good that kesä on tulossa. I will be happier when I will be able to say "kesä tulee" means summer comes :)

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Gagan said...

My facebook status was i m feeling like summer at -1

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