Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I bought a bike :)

It was Monday. I went to a very big bicycle shop and bought one for me. As summer is coming I was planning to buy a second hand bicycle but just on Saturday Rajit vi went to that shop and he found a good deal. They gave sale to this model. After seeing Rajit vi's new bike I could not control myself(greedy me :P). I also bought the same. It has 21 gears; so I think it will give me good support to bike in bumpy roads. I got the bike for 150 euros after 60% sale. Still its expensive for me but I liked it so much and I couldn't help being owner of this one :)

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Gagan said...

Woow.. Seriously? Nice.. Nice.. Show me asap

Razib said...

That mean you are now owner of two Bike. One in Finland and another one is in Bangladesh.
Give us the one in BD. We the friends will ride it by terms a remember you more and more....:P

Razib said...

Another thing....Why didn't you put any pic of the bike? I demand some pic of that new partner of you.

eamon said...

Well, I will try to give some picture asap.

Tasnim said...

how r u?
nice to hear that you bought a bike.
nice to hear that you got a job.
keep fine.

dia said...

COOL!hav a nice time riding ur new bike!!!:D:P

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