Monday, September 21, 2009

Cleaning up for Eid

Its been my practice to have a haircut before eid day. This time I am having my third(last year 1 eidul fitr & 1 eidul azha) eid in Finland and as always I had a haircut. This time not in any ordinary salon, rather it is Eamon's Hair Dresser :D Yes I had the haircut of my own.

Its difficult to cut your own hair, mostly the back side of head where you cannot see. I did a blunder on the back side but its not much visible. So it is just ok. Let's have a look at myself :P


eamon said...

It took me around 30 minutes.

Razib said...

Wow... great job.. But you should have given us the pic of the back of you head.
I guess after your returning to BD I'm not going to a barber shop ever.....:P;)

Shahan said...

ha ha ha .. Eamon, now I understand how I looked when I tried my own haircut! :D fortunately, I had Saif bhai here to shape it up, otherwise I had to wear a cap for an entire month :D

how did u manage to cut the hairs on the back side of the head?

How was the Eid? :)

eamon said...

@Razib: It is also difficult to take pictures of back of your own head. By the way, I can give you a haircut for 10 euro :D

@Shahan: I used hair trimming machine to cut the sides and back. I used all my imagination and tried to move the machine properly. Well my guess was not correct always, that's why I made a blunder.

Eid was nice so far. Had 4 invitations on the Eid day, followed by another one the following night. Next Saturday will be the Eid party in a party center. I have to cook "polao" for 25 persons(50% of total head count). A bit tensed :(

tasnim said...

good job.
back side thik ase to eamon? :D

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