Saturday, March 6, 2010

Course completed

Day before yesterday I got mail from one of my teachers that I am going to get 8 credits from his course. That confirmed the completion of my course work for masters.

I needed to achieve 90 credits to complete my masters degree. There are 4 modules in this 90 credits. I had completed all three clusters a bit earlier but the I lacked exactly 8 credits in my advanced module. I was doing this course Software Engineering Project since the starting of this academic year. The credits are variable in this course. You can achieve 6-10 credits based on Ur working hour. In our school 1 credit hour equivalent to 26.7 working hours. In this course project my reported hours were 196. So I was not sure whether I am going to achieve 7 or 8 credits. So I sent mail to the teacher asking about this and he just replied day before yesterday that I am going to get 8 credits. So the advanced is also completed now.

The only thing left right now is my thesis. Well, I am attending three more courses (Finnish for Beginners II, Artificial Intelligence & Analysis of Algorithm) right now but those are just for my own interest and for fun. I am writing the thesis also. Let's see when I can finish it :)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! :)

eamon said...

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