Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oulu tour update

I was supposed to come on 6 April from Oulu but I had to come back one day earlier. Even though I came back earlier I have been quite busy the whole week and I could not give any update about my trip. I stayed there five days and it was a quite nice vacation.

We went to play volleyball twice. We had short drive inside the city and long drive in highway, trip to frozen sea. We watched movie in big screen, also played nintendo games. Ohh another thing we did; lots of cooking as always :D I have another update and that is coming in my next post. For the time being let's have a look at some pictures during my stay in Oulu.

Some place near down town. On a bridge.

In the same place, Gagan & Shanila.

With Gagan's car

Having tea after dinner. Gagan is setting up nintendo at that time.

Still that much snow in Oulu even if the temperature was positive.

In front of the frozen sea

Home made grilled chicken

I don't know what it is called, but of course a delicious food :D

Nice creme caramel, mouth watering :P

Shorisha elish

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