Monday, January 24, 2011

Came back from Pietarsaari

I came back from Pietarsaari last night after a horrible(for me) tournament. I went there on Friday to participate in a badminton tournament on Saturday. Pietarsaari is almost 500 km north from my place. It was a very long journey in train and it was damn cold over there. After all those effort the result is not good. I lost both in single and double in the very first match. Babu vi was the one who invited me to be his partner in double. He also registered me as a single participant in one of the groups. My performance was not good. I played after more than a month gap and I was making lot of mistakes while playing. But it was nice to spend the weekend in Babu vi's home. He has such a nice family, wife and 2 sons. What I saw is the whole family is seasoned with love.

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