Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crazy trip starts today

Our crazy trip is going to start today. We will take the 17:30 train from Kirkkonummi to Turku. Our flight to Budapest is from Turku at 22:25. Gagan and Shanila came to my home last night. We arranged everything until 3 O'clock in the morning and then went to sleep. Lot of things to prepare because it's a 12 days trip and 7 countries in total. Finally the day came and it is beginning now. I feel excited. This is special for several reasons:

i. First ever summer vacation in Finland
ii. First summer in Finland when I am not mentally stressed out
iii. First ever Euro trip (crazy one as they said)
iv. First flight with Gagan and Shanila
v. First train journey with Gagan and Shanila.

I hope we can make best use of everything. Friends!!! wish me luck :)

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Farhana said...

Wish you all the best!!!! Have safe and enjoyable trip......:)

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