Monday, August 8, 2011

Euro trip 2011: Austria

The second country in our list was Austria, the country of Mozart. Our plan was to visit Vienna and see only the downtown. From Budapest we took a train which runs between Budapest and Vienna. It was only 3 hours travel to reach Vienna. We reached after 16:00 and got in the hostel by 17:00. It's a nice hostel - neat and clean, the staffs are friendly, we even got attached toilet and bathroom with our room. We freshened up, took a bit rest and then went out to roam around the downtown.

There are many attraction in Vienna downtown and interestingly they are quite close to each other. So if you take few hours walk you can see many attraction in Vienna city. The weather was nice. We saw many people roaming around, the whole town is in festival mode, music was going on in many places, plays, shows and so on. We saw museums, cathedrals, parliament building, opera house and several other old buildings which I don't remember fully. At the end we took a ring tram to have a round to the whole city. Unfortunately we got lost :P and it took a bit longer time to return to our hostel. It was almost 11 O'clock at night when we returned. Somehow we couldn't manage to taste the coffee in Vienna :(

We prepared our dinner in the shared kitchen, ate and went to bed early since we had to catch early train next morning to go to Prague :)

Facts I noticed:

1. Vienna is a very live city. Lot of things are going on here and there - sports, play, various show, dance, opera and so on. It was not any special day but looks like it's a festival in downtown.

2. People speak average English, not very fluent.

3. The downtown is very clean but not the whole city.

4. Tram and metro service is quite good.


Just got down in Vienna

Me as well

After reaching the hostel

A roadside restaurant in downtown

I guess it's the opera house :P

Trying to shoot something with my mobile camera :P

A bunch of people were singing loudly together

In the heart of downtown

A Mozart replica

Two guys dressed like Mozart in front of the opera house

That's Mozart cafe

International dance festival, the poster doesn't look like dancing though :P

The opera house

A nice square. The concrete balls is caught our eyes

Nice shade by the afternoon sunlight through the cloud

Don't remember what was that :-S

Vienna museum

Museum again

Having snacks in front of the museum

Asked somebody to take a picture of all three of us. Should have removed the Fanta can first :D

The parliament building (from tram)

Programming Solution


Gagan said...

"Asked somebody to take a picture of all three of us..."?? There was none.. i set the camera with timer!

eamon said...

Ohhh... shitttttttttt... That's true. It was taken by auto timer. As I said getting older :(

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