Friday, May 25, 2012

Got Finnish residence permit for 4 years

Giving personal update again after a long time. I have got Finnish residence permit for 4 years. Along with me Sharmin, my wife, also got a residence permit of category 'A' for one year since it's her first time category change from 'B'.

After I have got permanent job contract in Ericsson I applied to the Finnish immigration office to extend my residence permit. This time I was hoping not to get only one year visa, but I was not sure. Yesterday I got a text from them that my residence permit is ready to be picked up. Along with Sharmin, I went to the immigration unit. I was stupid enough not to reserve an appointment and thus I had to wait an hour for my turn to come. Finally it came and when I got my new residence permit card I looked at it and here it goes :) It's not only for a year now, it's until May 2016 :D I was really happy and went to work with butterfly in my stomach :P Even if it was a very hectic day at work I didn't feel so bad. It's already giving me mental peace that I don't have to apply for residence permit every year from now :)

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