Monday, November 19, 2012

Bowling evening

Last Thursday I have played bowling in Finland for the first time. It was arranged by the tenant committee where I live. It was very close, 15 minutes walk, from my home. The place is called "Gr8 Bowling"

They reserved an hour from 19:00-20:00. I came from work and didn't have time at all to change or rest. I had to run because they were going to start walking from our place around 18:30. Me and Sharmin joined them at scheduled time. We went there by walking. We were around 24 people and they reserved 6 lanes. So 4 persons are going to play in each lane. Drishty vi and Topi apu were already there and they put our names on lane#6. So we started right after going there.

Our performance was really bad. There was no doubt that all four of us suck at bowling. But we enjoyed a lot for an hour :) Drishty vi was the most scoring one among us. After him it was me, then Sharmin and then Topi apu. After playing for an hour our biceps were a bit sore but it was nothing compared to our enjoyment.

The bowling evening followed by dinner in Roadhouse restaurant. Both Sharmin and me took beef steak with french fries and salad. It was a nice evening, lot of entertainment, but free of cost :D

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eamon said...

Oh yes, I had a strike :D only once :(

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