Friday, July 26, 2013

First ever summer trip to Oulu

I went to Oulu many times before. So many times that I lost count :) But I never went there in a proper summer; either in winter, or in autumn or in spring. This is the first time I am going in summer :)

We, Sharmin and me, have decided to visit Oulu in this summer couple of months back. Mohsin also showed interest when he heard about it. So finally we are going as a three persons team. I am going to leave office after an hour and will go to Helsinki train station straight from here. It's going to be a 6 hours' long train journey. Ahhh!!! Like Sheldon and Gagan I love trains :)

We will stay in Gagan's place 3 days and after that Mohsin will come back to Espoo and We four (Me, Sharmin, Gagan and Shanila) will go to a summer cottage near Kuopio. We will stay there 3 more days and then will come back to Espoo next Friday.

There are many plans for this coming week. For sure we will have lots of fun. I will try to give update when I come back :)

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