Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bela biscuit

Few days back I read a story where I came to know about a special biscuit(cookie) of Chittagong. The name of the cookie is Bela. I knew that Sadia apu's family lives in Chittagong and she spent most of the time of her life in Chittagong. So I asked her about it and she told me that the cookie is really famous in Chittagong.

In next weekend Sadia apu went to Chittagong to visit her family. On sunday next when she came to office after that weekend she gave me a bag with Bela Biscuit in it. I was so surprised but didn't forget to thank her :) Those cookies are a little bit hard but good. I like the look of the cookie more than its taste :P

Thnx again Sadia apu for Bela Biscuit.

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Sadia said...

You are most welcome. I am surprised to see this post :) thanks..When I was in chittagong I just remembered when eamon vai asked me for bela biscuit.And I bought it before few hours ago when I left chittagong. Waiting for your new posts. ..Speed up

Gagan said...

yah, Eamon, Speed up!!

(hehe, even though I myself didnt post much in any of my three blogs recently:P, but yah, speed up:D )

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