Thursday, July 12, 2007

We broke a seat of the bus

While going to work this morning I had an interesting exprience. After taking the ticket I got in the bus, took my seat and was waiting for the bus to run. I noticed the back of my seat is less steeper than it should be. So I needed to lean backward a bit more to get the back of my seat to rest my own back. I noticed that the back rest was a bit flexible as well. Without thinking anything I put the whole weight of my back against it.

It was a seat for 3 persons. I was the first person there. In a while 2 other persons came, sit beside me and just like me they also put their back against the back of the seat. May be all 3 of us were thinking ohhh.. the seat is more comfortable... it's flexible enough... But suddenly uppppppppssssss... we were falling backward... aweeeee... the back of the seat broke :-O The persons sitting behind us just holded it. I was having hard time to hide my smile. I just went to another seat leaving that very flexible one :D the back of the seat was not totally departed from its body. So the 3 persons behind that seat had to hold that broken part with their hand all the way and I was smiling all the way sitting on another seat :D :D :D

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Mahmudul Hasan said...

ha ha ha

Gagan said...

I should not have tried to stop my laugh, coz I made some weired noise while trying to stop it in the office...

Nice description :D

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