Friday, September 12, 2008

Our iftar these days

Before ramadan starts I was a bit tensed how my iftar would be this year. Throughout this month I enjoy iftar most. After the whole day fasting it gives me tremendous pleasure when I take the first sip from the glass of lemonade. I thought these sweet things of iftar I left back in Dhaka. I thought this year it wont push through in that way but I am lucky enough to get some good Bangladeshi brothers here in Tampere. They decided to take iftar all together. As a result during this ramadan everyday we, 7 or 8 people, take iftar together. We prepare the items by ourselves. Almost everyone participates doing that.

The iftar takes place in different places on different days. Everyday we try to prepare something that we used to eat while in our contry. May be the taste is not so good but I think preparing and taking the iftar together helps a lot to fade the intensity of missing the real iftar that we used to have.

Here are some pictures of our iftar. That was in Taslim vi's room.

These were our items for that day's iftar

Distributing the CHOLA. Shaikat vi doesn't look so happy with the quantity :D

Another close look to the items. mmm... looks really delicious :D

Farjan vi is making dua before iftar. But why is he looking at the camera and also smiling a bit !!! :-S

And finally everybody is waiting for the exact time to take iftar.

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Razib said...

Looks so nice Eamon. You are really lucky to have that kind of environment.

eamon said...

I prepared the peyaju, the rounded things in the center plate in the 3rd picture. I think that looks the most delicious one :D

Shahan said...

desh er baire desh!

eamon said...

"desh er baire desh!" ha ha ha :D

Sunny said...

oh man! tomar khawar menu deikha amar to r shojjo hocchey na!! besh bhalo e to bebostha korso iftarir...

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